Priyanka Chopra Is Being Trolled Mercilessly On Twitter For Calling America Her Second Home!

Priyanka Chopra is everyone’s favorite and why not? After all, with her sheer hard work and multi-talents, the girl has been slaying Bollywood and Hollywood both. She is truly a global star who is Hollywood’s darling and Bollywood’s sweetheart. Where we Indians absolutely love whenever she reaches a milestone in the west, we also take inspiration of what she has achieved in this show business BUT! Yes, there is a bit question mark on our loyalty towards our celebrity stars.

Remember how we thrive when India wins in cricket or any other sport? Many of us also make these sports celebrities our idol but as soon as we lose a single match, we forget about the previous wins and start thrashing them, well same happens with these glam celebrities, we do want to be like them but as soon as they do something that we Indians “consider wrong”, we go all rage to thrash them.
Priyanka Chopra has been spending most of the time of a year in the US, for obvious reasons, WORK! And despite that she is there she never backs off from showing her love for India…. In fact, she carries an essence of India in her every time… but ….. again but we can’t deny that she has spending a lot of time in the west and they are treating her with warmth.

So on 4th of July, when America celebrated its independence day, Priyanka Chopra being one of the kindest people on the earth wished the country “Happy Independence Day”.

PRIYANKA on Twitter

Happy Independence Day second home.. #4thOfJuly2017 #RedWhiteBlue

Now, her wishes may felt nice to American people but Indians just couldn’t deal with it. Indians went in a black mood and started trolling her mercilessly on their favorite social media platform Twitter.

1. Your Problem, Not Hers!

Da Lama on Twitter

@priyankachopra @priyankachopra oh come on now. Been living years abroad and I still don’t dare call it home. At least be truthful to yourself.

2. And Who Are You Her Mom?

alkesh j prajapati on Twitter

@priyankachopra No your home is only india

3. Ohh Please!


@priyankachopra How many homes you have Priyanka? Is India your Third Home?

4. Sharing Gyaan.. Are We Now?


@priyankachopra Priyanka,people have only one own home where he feels satisfaction.Second home doesn’t give satisfaction.

5. None Of Your Business Though!

ubaid saifu on Twitter

@priyankachopra soon it will become ur first home like Akshay kumar’s home in Canada !!

6. Or You Could Simply Say You Miss Her!

Pratik Arya on Twitter

@priyankachopra Madam first he Bol do, waise v aap ab Bollywood k movies to karte nahe.

7. Imagine The Level Of Our Disappointment After Reading This One!

Salman Khan on Twitter

@priyankachopra #Disappointed miss you have only one ☝️ in India , they have so many country u done your job but the home is only one

8. Was That Suppose To Be Funny Now?

Er Mujib Ansari on Twitter

@priyankachopra first hi kah do pirated angrej..

Thankfully Some Woke Up With Their Brain Still Intact To Their Body!

9. Aww!

shubham pareek on Twitter

@priyankachopra Hope you always make ur first home proud in ur second home family members

10. That’s Right!

Young and Free on Twitter

@mimi_00007 @priyankachopra National award winner, Padma Shri recipient, 5 Filmfares (first and only one to win every acting category)… that’s Priyanka Chopra!

Now, I am not against the freedom of speech but acting like a 5-year-old whose thinks that every person he/she loves is their possession is not very smart. Dear fellow Indians take a deep breath, India is still her first home and I don’t she needs to explain it to anyone.

Some people should really get a life and for PC…keep slaying girl, you are a rockstar! XOXO!

6 July 2017
Avni S. Singh

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