Priyanka Chopra is back on television with the second season of her popular show ‘Quantico’ and like previous season she has more than just fighting sequences for us. Season 1 of ‘Quantico’ was not only famous for her impeccable performance in the show but her steamy scenes with her co-star Jake McLaughlin were quite the talk of the town and even in season 2 the fire between them continues to flicker.

Priyanka and McLaughlin bought some bedroom action again and it is hotter than ever. In a coming episode of Quantico season 2, you will witness these two stars sharing a bed together and it’s almost like a detailed session. ( We are not surprised but it is just too much of touching and expressing)

Watch The Video Here:

(Video Courtesy: Vishinity Z)
Uff! Can you even breathe ? It is just steamier than whatever we have seen between these two onscreen lovebirds before and they keep pushing their limits to another level. They have locked lips before but this one is just too much for an onscreen couple. Don’t you think?

Just get a room you two!!

3 October 2016
Avni S.Singh

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