Poonam Pandey never leaves a chance to create a storm on the internet. Remember on Christmas where everyone was busy in singing “Jingle Bell” she surprised us with her special ‘Jingle boobs’ video. It is clear that this sexy sensation loves to celebrate special days in her very own style and guess what, she has treated her fans with a special video on Valentine’s Day as well.

She has been posting her dipped in sensuality pictures on her social media profiles to promote her Valentine’s video and finally it is here. Like always it is full of skin show but to our surprise it does has a story where she is celebrating Valentines with some mysterious guy. Though, we didn’t get to see the LUCKY guy but who cares when you have Poonam Pandey waking up in a bra to a breakfast in bed, right?

Watch The Video Here:

(Video Courtesy: Poonam Pandey Videos)

From, the first scene to the last one it seems like a steamy affair between these two but what I can’t decode is, that why would anyone make a video of a Valentines day where she is taken by surprise with breakfast in bed, invites her love to take a shower together, goes out to play some sports, movie then dinner and still not include that guy?

Probably, Poonam knows the answer to my question or it was another of her sexy video stunt to get back in the mind of her fans. After all fame is what she wants.

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