On 26 January Akshay Kumar Has The Greatest Idea To Help Indian Martyrs And We Are In Awe!

Akshay Kumar has always been one actor in Bollywood who speaks his mind irrespective of what would people think or say about him. Recently, his powerful message regarding Bangalore Molestation did rounds on media tables and he received a lot of affection and appreciation for the strong words. Now, ahead of this Republic Day, he posted a strong heartfelt message on Twitter in which he is urging people to support the men at the borders who keep us safe.

Akshay Kumar shared a video on 24 January, in which he suggested that a website or a mobile app should be made which can assist soldiers financially. Not only that, he requested for suggestions and support for the proposal so that he can go ahead and make this idea viable with the permission of armed forces.

 Watch The Video Here:

There are many actors in the industry and every now and then they hold the mike to speak about the ongoing issues but Akshay is one of the few who actually come up with solutions and extend his hand for help.


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25th January 2017
Avni S. Singh

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