OMG! “Bank Chor Imaandar” Trailer Trolls Its Own Content And It’s Hilarious!

“Bank Chor Imaandar” Trailer is definitely one of a kind as it trolls its own scenes, characters, and dialogues. Well, till now we have seen that some creative maniacs come forward and make a funny spoof of a trailer or a song but apparently the makers of “Bank Chor Imaandar” have come up with an entirely a distinctive idea. They have made the spoof of their own movie trailer themselves and it’s funnier than the original trailer.

Yes! they did it, and that too shamelessly. Well, all we can think is that either it is a brilliant marketing strategy to grab the attention of the audience or this move will make their movie look unimportant in the pond of other big name movies. On the top of releasing this Bank Chor Imaandar Trailer, they have given a description that will definitely make you ROFL! But first watch the trailer.

“Bank Chor Imaandar” Trailer: Watch Full Video Here:

(Video Source: YFilms)

They Have Written “Our film is so low budget, no one would even want to spoof it! So in a desperate bid to grab attention, we have come up with the dumbest marketing idea ever thought of within the whole of Andheri: An Imaandaar trailer. A logic-defying, sense-defying and completely unnecessary idea that will almost certainly backfire and ruin any chance Y-Films had of getting people to a theater, the Imaandaar trailer reveals everything about the movie that most studios NEVER do… imaandaari se.”

Well, that’s courageous and smart both but box office will tell the result of this marketing strategy. Directed by Bumpy, “Bank Chor” will be releasing on 16 June.

Avni S. Singh

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