Varun Dhawan’s October has been causing quite a stir on social media with various poster releases. On Monday, to beat the blues, the makers have finally released the much-awaited October trailer and it’s all sorts of intense and wintry for the soul.

The October trailer, which looks absolutely stunning and beautiful, shows that the movie is not a love story, per se, but is a story about love. The makers of October have even called it a unique story about love that goes beyond the normal love stories.

Apart from Varun Dhawan’s take on the intense role, October also marks the debut of Banita Sandhu.

In the trailer, we are introduced to Varun’s character, Dan, a luxury hotel housekeeper who catches the fancy of a co-worker named Shiuli (Banita). Hints of a budding (and seemingly one-sided) romance are thrown in before a sudden twist spins the story in a very different direction. There’s no exact moment that shows Banita’s character going through something life-changing, however, it’s very apparent from various hospital scenes and her look at the end of October trailer.

There’s so much to decode about what happened when it happened, how it happened, and one can only decode it in the movie itself.

October Trailer: Watch The Video Over Here:

Varun Dhawan has already shown his acting skills in Badlapur once, and he does it again for October, in which he sheds his glamorous and glitzy avatar for the movie. And, even though we could see very little of Banita in the October Trailer, her presence in scenes are able to pronounce her talent.

Shoojit Sircar is known in the industry and among the film lovers, as a director who has a unique way of storytelling, which is pretty evident even in this one. Apart from that, the background score of October trailer is what sets the actual tone of the movie and it is given by AR Rahman and Komail Shayan.

October is slated to release on April 13, 2018.

Jyotsna Amla

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