There are very few actors in Bollywood who speak their minds no matter what, and show a mirror to the very industry they’re a part of. Out of these few, Kangana Ranaut has to be one biggest and most influential one who doesn’t shy away from calling out the bullshit brewing in the industry.

We have seen her being her unapologetic self for quite some now and it continues to still be refreshing, considering how many celebs from the industry still don’t come out of their comfort palaces to talk about issues.

All of this becomes 100 times more realistic with these Kangana Ranaut quotes that she has said over her time in the industry, in various interviews and talk shows. She is redesigning the meaning of being a woman in this country and continues to be a strong advocate for feminism and women empowerment.

1. Women have to support themselves because no one else would.

Kangana Ranaut quotes2. Something we all want from our companions.

Kangana Ranaut quotes3. The kind of confidence this woman possesses is remarkable.

Kangana Ranaut quotes4. That’s true.

Kangana Ranaut quotes

5. Being her blatant self.

Kangana Ranaut quotes6. She has also been very vocal about mental health.

Kangana Ranaut quotes7. Word.

Kangana Ranaut quotes8. The best and most influential way to answer someone’s doubt.

Kangana Ranaut quotes

9. And we continue to love her.

Kangana Ranaut quotesThese Kangana Ranaut quotes are more than just things she has said, these are life lessons.Kangana Ranaut quotes

Jyotsna Amla

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