From Cute To Sexy Sunny Leone Knows To Express It All

Sunny Leone surely knows how to survive in the Bollywood industry. No matter what allegations, accusations or comments made on her she overcome from everything gracefully. The former pornstar truly has the talent to woo her fans with something new. The new add of Manforce Condom featuring Sunny Leone titled “In The Car With Sunny Leone” is out and unlike the other add is not cheap at all.

Sunny looks hot and sexy and she surely is winning millions of hearts with that sensuous smile and seductive expressions. She is trying to get a new image in the industry through her work, but her past is haunting her. She wins or not her fans love her anyway. Well, now that’s obvious!

Watch The Full Add Here:

The dialogues are apt for the video and they are not cheap at all. Sunny as always is looking stunning in the video though the male model could have been better. The convertible car makes up for the average looking male model as the car is truly a dream car and it definitely looks great.

Well, I want don’t want to be unfair to the chocolate. It looks yummy and mouthwatering. I guess I am going to eat one. (Wink)

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29 Oct, 2015
Avni S.Singh

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