Few issues in the country are currently as polarising as the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Things have come to a situation where one is constantly witnessing the very idea of “Hindustan” being debated voraciously; is the concept of the country about carrying forward a secular ideology? Or if not, then are we fast progressing toward a time where Hindustan is becoming the epitome of the “Hindu Rashtra” belief?

The Citizenship Amendment Bill, it is worthwhile to reiterate was recently passed by the Rajya Sabha, although its imposition in the country is still being challenged in the Supreme Court of Inda.

All of this comes at a time where the nation has already seen plenty of issues in a year where one move after another by the existing government has divided the country between the right or the wrong. It’s true for the case of Triple Talaq. It’s also true for the removal of the Article 370 that removes the special status given to Jammu and Kashmir (now, a union territory).

Where it stands at the moment, then there’s massive unrest among the student population of India. Media, howsoever, divided over the issue is constantly producing updates about an issue that, it appears, can no longer be suppressed or shoved under the carpet.

Surely, given the widespread protests that the country is witnessing in the wake of massive opposition to the bill, it could be said that the nation has seen better days. Hasn’t it?

And at a time where one felt that there was hardly any dearth of controversy, the corridors where clear thinking and reason still prevails in India, be it the courts or the reasoning of the intellectuals, one hopes for something miraculous to happen that can bring peace to a country that one feels could urgently do with some.

Where the last few days were concerned, then there was clamor surrounding the Bollywood stars and the popular icons of the country. It was found that they preferred to remain tight-lipped over the issue where a simple tweet or call for support from their end would’ve perhaps gone a long way in soothing tense nerves.

Farhan Akhtar opposing CAA
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Apart from the likes of Taapsi Pannu, Akshay Kumar, and a few others, there wasn’t anything at all from those who could be called standard-bearer of the superstar brigade of Bollywood. Then, suddenly support to the students’ plight and the widespread unrest in different parts of the country came from a wide-reaching corner- when John Cusack posted a series of tweets on his timeline stating that the country was witnessing a rise of “Fascism!”

Now, a day later, finally, it appears that a prominent member of the film fraternity of India has risen to support the cause of those who are grieving.

Farhan Akhtar has spoken in support of those who have faced the ire of the law in the wake of protesting against the controversial ruling. But what exactly did the famous Rock On and Zindagi Naa Dobara star had to say in the urgent matter?

Farhan Akhtar had the following thoughts to share: “Time to protest alone on social media is over!”

As seen in his message, it was clear that Farhan Akhtar was of the idea that it was about time that one did something serious and more concrete than just sitting in one’s comfort zone and post messages on social media.

Farhan Akhtar also shared a picture explaining the concerns over the new citizenship law point-by-point. The image also has pointers on the National Register of Citizens that has sparked fears of detention and deportation in Assam.

“Here’s what you need to know about why these protests are important. See you on the 19th at August Kranti Maidan, Mumbai. The time to protest on social media alone is over,” Mr. Akhtar’s tweet read.

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