Arijit Singh is one of the most in-demand singer in Bollywood right now who’s voice is being used in almost every Bollywood movie these days, except for Salman Khan movies. He seems to be the new-age phenomenon of singing in Bollywood who’s not going anywhere for a long time, at least we wish he doesn’t.

Arijit always appears to be one of those artistic people who are always calm, composed and in a world of their own, one you would never yelling or fighting in public. However, in a now-viral video, Arijit can be seen yelling “somebody f**king fix this mic!”. The video was made in one of Arijit’s concerts, however, it doesn’t seem to be a recent one, thanks to the change of hairstyle Arijit has been sporting for quite some years now.

The Tum Hi Ho and Channa Mereya singer was singing Mohit Chauhan’s number from 2011 hit Rockstar, Nadaan Parindey when he completely lost his cool. The reason behind what is not known to anyone. Check out the video over here:

Source: CA Rohit Mittal

One look at the video and you’ll easily be able to make out that Arijit was sounding way too off-key which makes us wonder, why to choose a song you’re not too comfortable with? On that note, maybe this was the reason for him being angry on the mic?

Whatever the real reason was, the mic was immediately handled by the experts, however, even after that, Arijit was not able to pull of Mohit Chauhan’s charisma in this one. But this, “somebody f**king fix this mic!” indeed caught the attention of quite a few people on Twitter who went on to make some really funny comments on it. Check them out over here:

1. We’re choking on it too.

Anurag Verma on Twitter


2. He definitely does sound like an angry Indian uncle.

Imaan Sheikh on Twitter

lmaoooo why does arijit singh sound like @JusReign’s impression of an angry Indian uncle in the end

3. This will always be remembered as one of Arijit’s most inspirational quote.

Bollywood Gandu on Twitter

Quotes by some great musicians.

4. Well, we don’t know about adorable, but indeed it was an accent.

Anjuli Rajprasad on Twitter

@kitAnurag That accent man! Faacking it was adorable!

5. He indeed tried to sound like someone else.

Nafis Iqbal on Twitter

@kitAnurag Tried to be Mohit Chauhan but he did not know how he was sounding

6. No comments on this one.

Kshitij Sharma on Twitter

@kitAnurag It seems like voice over … how could one sing so bad … even kid dont say nadan for Nadaa in that song …

What are your thoughts on this one?

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