Anushka Sharma Shocked Everyone During An Interview!

Anushka Sharma has always been one hell of a Bollywood Cutie and she is super-busy these days promoting her upcoming movie ‘Phillauri‘. While she is trying to leave no stone unturned for the movie’s promotion, during an interview she has done something that will not only amaze you but make you fall in love with her cuteness.

While Anushka and Diljit Dosanjh were answering the questions, one of the journalists’ phone rang and flashed Maa written on it. Can you guess what this adorable lady did? Well, she picked up the journalist’s Mom’s call and told her that her daughter will call her back as she is busy interviewing Anushka Sharma. Well, as surprising as it sounds, it was equally chirpy and cute.

Watch The Full Video Here:

(Video Source: TvNow)

We all know that Anushka is playing a ghost in ‘Phillauri‘ and the trailer does indicates that it is going to be one hell of a quirky movie but this cute conversation with a journalist’s mom proves that she has her wit game on even during the promotions. (And we all thought Diljit was the wittier one)! I am sure that this journo’s mom was left amazed too.

Anushka, You Cutie-Pie, Don’t Ever Change Your charming and funny persona as we love you for that.