Amul’s Brilliant Creative On “Udta Punjab” Explains The Pahlaj Nihalani Controversy Perfectly!

Someone told me that Amul’s creative language Hinglish was discovered because the guy had a lack of command over English as well as in the Hindi language. Over the years, we have loved their creatives in mix language and their recent creative explains why they are brilliant at what they do.

We all know how “Udta Punjab” is swinging between the controversies. Indian censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani is clearly vexed with the content of the movie and many political issues are being raised against the film. While celebrities and other people are busy in gossiping about the film, Amul created a thought provoking creative, which is not only hilarious but explains the Pahlaj Nihalani controversy in the most subtle manner.

Here Is The Poster Of “Udta Punjab”:

Udta Punjab

They have used the Poster and turned it into an amazing piece of story.

Here Is What Amul Take On It:

They have used all the characters and presented them as cartoons. They have placed a scissor which hints the 94 cuts that Central Board of Film Certification asked, a clever move.

Hats Off Amul! How Do You Guys Do It Every Time?

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9 June 2016
Avni S. Singh

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