AIB Guys Turned Irrfan Khan Into Memes And All Of Them Are Downright Hilarious!

Irrfan Khan is all set to rule the big screens with his upcoming movie “Hindi Medium” but as we know that Bollywood is all about show business and an actor has to do all the tactics for the promotion of the movie. So, basically Irrfan khan went to AIB team for the promotion and because of old times sake (remember Irrfan did a party song video with AIB), Tanmay Bhatt and Gursimran Khamba agreed to help him but only on one condition.

Well, Irrfan asked them to make another kickass video that can go viral and like always Tanmay came up with a never heard idea which turned out to be one of the most innovative ideas ever. Basically, we all know that memes are the new cheap thrills of social media platform and some of them are commonly popular, so, AIB team turned Irrfan into various popular memes and all of them look hilarious.

Watch The Full Video Here:

Although, we quite don’t understand why Tanmay has the flower tiara filter at the end of the video but who cares as long as they are providing witty content.

Dear, Irrfan you look adorable, funny and shady (especially in Haveli meme) in these memes and they all are bursting us into laughter but one thing which we promise you is. that we are gonna watch Hindi Medium for your sheer talent of acting because no matter what you are and will be one of the finest actors in Bollywood.

We Love You!