Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has never been the one to shy away from expressing exactly what he thinks of matters of public interest. He even received much flak for his comments on the Dadri incident. Aamir had said that the country had an ‘intolerant atmosphere’ and that his wife was contemplating leaving the country. He later pulled his words back and tried to take a defensive stance but people called it a publicity stunt.

This time he has made a rather diplomatic remark on the recent terror attacks in Dhaka. He can be seen responding to a question about his take on the recent attack in a video in which he says that terror is not associated with any religion. At this a buzz started that he was being very cautious this time as the release of his latest movie ‘Dangal’ is impending.

You can watch the actual statement here and decide for yourself:

(Video Courtesy: Sahara Samay)

Aamir was very clear in saying that the people who spread terrorism have no knowledge of any religion be it Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism or Christianity or any other religion for that matter, for if they did they would know that all religions preach love and none would ever advocate terrorism of any kind.

The media also prodded him on the topic of banning the radical Islamic orator Zakir Naik over which he strictly has no comments and said he was done with what he had to say and would say no more.

Whatever be the case, it is certain that the actor and his film are garnering the attention they desired. As someone rightly said, ‘No publicity is bad publicity’.

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9 July 2016
Team Rapid

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