Rakhi Sawant is undoubtedly the most dramatic person ever. This actor turned politician always has something crazy to say and guess what, at times she throws her statements like a bouncer. No matter how much you try you cannot understand the reason behind what she said. Why? Well, of course because she forgets to make sense while talking. Rakhi Sawant is a person who loves to be in controversy. She is so much addicted to controversies that you can actually say that controversy is the epic love of Rakhi’s life.

Rakhi has a quick mind to make such a statement that instantly land her on the news. Earlier it was Ramdev, Virat Kohli, And let’s not forget her favourite Sunny Leone but this new statement is the most epic one ever. A TV actor recently committed suicide and after that, she is asking to ban all the ceiling fans. What? Seriously, she said that Prime minister Narendra Modi should ban all the ceiling fans in India because it leads to suicide. Does any part of this statement make sense to you? Emmm!! Yeah. No Way. This was not her first statement which shocked most of the people. She has always been this insane and got us something to laugh on.

Here Are 11 Statements Of Rakhi Sawant That Will Give You A Hard Laugh:

#11Rakhi Sawant

#10Rakhi Sawant

#9Rakhi Sawant

#8Rakhi Sawant

#7Rakhi Sawant

#6Rakhi Sawant

#5Rakhi Sawant

#4Rakhi Sawant

#3Rakhi Sawant

#2Rakhi Sawant

#1Rakhi Sawant

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7 April, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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