102 Not Out is more than just any Bollywood project, it rather a memorable commemoration of two of the most legendary actors coming together after a long time. Not just coming together, two of the most legendary actors in India are coming together with some of the most unusual roles, ever written.

Official 102 Not Out trailer has finally been released by the makers, after a long break from the teaser release and it looks really cute.

The story of 102 Not Out is indeed unique and nothing like we have seen in the past which it makes more special. The movie is based on a father-son relationship that has been going through certain ups and downs of their own. While the father wants to live for another 16 years to break a world record, the son is much like any other old person we have around us. While the father is full of life with a keen interest in everything lively, the son is an old soul, there are so many other distinctions between the two and that’s what makes the entire 102 Not Out trailer interesting.

From Amitabh trying to admit his son to an old-age home to coercing him to write a love letter to his wife, 102 Not Out truly stands out as the ‘Ageless Family Comedy’. The same has been beautifully and hilariously shown in the 102 Not Out trailer.

102 Not Out trailer: Watch The Video Over Here:

Based on a Gujarati stage play, 102 Not Out will surely bring a huge smile on your face, with its innocence, comedy and even with its sentimental moments.

Written by Saumya Joshi and directed by Umesh Shukla, 102 Not Out is all set to release on May 4th, 2018.

Jyotsna Amla

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