Women characters in Bollywood movies have made their special place over the years. Now, the actresses are not a mere glamorous part of the movies, they have become an inevitable part. With the recent focus towards women equality and empowerment, Bollywood too started boasting some strong and life-defining female characters.

We are thankful that some filmmakers take pride in making such movies that revolve around a female protagonist and while it’s still a long way to make it to the top for women in mainstream cinema. There are already some movies that speak highly of women and their lives.

On this International Women’s Day, we bring you such 7 Bollywood movies where women were the Hero and it was all about their journey.

1. English Vinglish

The recent demise of Sri Devi has left a dark hole in every fan’s heart, however, her character in English Vinglish will remain one of the best character played by her. A woman who fought to regain her respect in her family. She was struggling with the English language and without any help, she managed to come over the hurdles and prove that a woman can learn anything at any age. It’s all the matter of confidence. Sri Devi played a brilliant character in the movie and proved that even a female protagonist can rule the big screens.

2. Queen

There is no doubt that this movie will always be Vikas Bahl best work. A girl who was almost left at the altar as her long-term boyfriend called off the wedding just a day prior decided to go on her honeymoon all alone and transformed into a strong independent woman. This movie broke the norms about timid small-town girls and boast womanhood in the best way possible. Kangana Ranaut’s simplicity won hearts.

3. Lipstick Under My Burkha

There are fewer movies who can be counted in the category of “one of its kind”, this movie focuses on the women of every age. From sexual urges of 50-year-old to an 18-year-old college girl. The movie talks about the struggle of women and how their freedom is necessary. Lipstick Under My Burkha is a strong message that was heard internationally.

4. Secret Superstar

another movie that talks about how women are still fighting their right to live on their own terms. A schoolgirl who dreams to be a rockstar but her father keeps pressuring her to follow the social norms and live as she has been told. However, her mother understands the dreams of her daughter and support her. The movie is a reminder that it’s time that we give women their stage to shine.

5. Anaarkali of Aarah

Swara Bhaskar as the lead of the movie has played on of the most unconventional ever. A Bhojpuri folk singer who does shows with a little sensual implication, battles against all the men who are either after her body or want to shut her strong voice as she tries to tell the world that she deserves to be respected. It’s a beautiful journey and also a heart wrenching one.

6. Tumhari Sulu

A simple storyline that showcases a middle-class wife who believes in herself. Sulu is a character that actually defines how capable women are. If they decide to win the world, they actually can. Sulu manages her home, she also builds an identity that is loved by everyone and among all this, she also helps her husband to set up a business. Sulu is a character that perfectly exhibits the different roles women play in their life and it’s simply spellbinding.

7. Mardaani

Rani Mukerji played a role of a cop who is capable of every bit of strength and confidence. She is an officer that is feared by goons and other criminals and when someone tries to abduct little girls to force them into prostitution, she makes sure she gives him hell. She is a woman who knows how to stand up for the right cause and fight for it. A woman with power who use it constructively rather than exploiting it.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Avni S. Singh

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