Twitter can be real hard and full of ungrateful people, spewing hate on everybody around them. It can also be the start of something revolutionary that brings millions of people on it together to fight against something that affects us all or even a small part of it.

It is also the place where various memes are birthed and even the place where social commentary is at its finest and is being put on almost everything and everyone.

And then there are times when people come together for sharing something beautiful and interesting under an interesting hashtag. It might be a pet story or simply, #NosepinTwitter or even #SuitTwitter. This time, it’s #BindiTwitter, under which a bunch of women are sharing their beautiful selfies with them wearing a bindi.

Yes, there’s nothing grand or a socially-inclined message attached to the #BindiTwitter trend, but it’s all sorts of beautiful and that’s all for it to exist.

Here are some of the finest contributions to the #BindiTwitter trend.

This particular picture definitely ends the debate for the best #BindiTwitter.

You can’t possibly expect a trend of Twitter existing without someone making fun of it, you just can’t. 

Ah! Something totally for fun on my Twitter feed, what a sight.

Jyotsna Amla

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