We all have music for every zone. Happy zone means upbeat songs; stimulating energy through our veins, thumping our heartbeat and compelling us to shake our head around. Sad mood calls for the tracks that are heart-wrenching; with lyrics that make more sense than ever, drowning us in sorrow and yet somehow fulfilling our need of the hour. Love invites the melodies of cupid struck romance; filling our stomach with collywobbles, leaving a sweet smile on our face and making this world seems better than ever.

Numerous moods, numerous needs but there are times when we don’t want a blend of music with lyrics. We just want to hear to some music that talks without words, and directly to our soul. That’s when we feel the need for instrumental music. However, the library there is so vast that it’s almost impossible to find the best instrumental tracks. But our inner self-craves it, owing to the fact that it will heal out exhausted soul and charge us back to fight the everyday struggle.

One of the best instrumental tracks can put your brains to rest and make it quieter and peaceful. It can literally rejuvenate the focus that today’s media-saturated age cause. A part of music that is so essential should be available easily, because, let’s admit, we all deserve some soul cleansing.

So here are some of the best instrumental music tracks that will allow your soul to feel tranquil.

1. Harry Potter Music (Indian Version)

2. Bombay Connection Orchestra – R.D. Burman/ Sholay Theme

3. Motionless She Got Lost In The Observatory

4. TOKIMONSTA Midnight Menu

5. Taking You Higher

6. Tycho – Dive

7. Indian Flute Meditation Music

8. Hindustani Rascal

9. Richard Clayderman – Ballade Pour Adeline

10. Dustin O’Halloran – Variazione Di Un Tango

11. Samsara – When Time Stands Still

12. Sounds of Isha – Amla

Now that you have got the list, save it for the days that leave your soul wandering in the enigma.

28 November 2017
Avni S. Singh
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