Avengers Infinity War is not just a movie, it’s a celebration of Marvel’s creativity, greatness, and hard work. And, every MCU fan is head over heels to catch the first glimpse of the show, before anyone else. Afterall, the fans had to wait years and various other Marvel movies to see a final and larger-than-life showdown of all of Marvel’s superheroes.

Now that the movie is released all over the world and everyone can finally have a look at it, the fans are going wild on the Internet.

While some just can’t keep their calm after watching the movie, other’s have already started giving out the spoilers to their friends, family and basically, any other person they come across. After all the movie has been described as the “final showdown”, “culmination of everything” and “it all ends here”. Plus, the reaction the trailers and other clips of the movie, got, there’s hardly anyone in the world who would not have listened to the Avengers Infinity War, yet.

Various critic reviews of the movie have also come out, however, no one describes the amazingness of a movie, as impeccably as the public that is watching it. Which is why we have cumulated a bunch of Twitter reactions to the Avengers Infinity war and how the people reacted to the movie. Plus, all of these reactions are spoilers free which means you’ll still be able to know more about all the things Avengers without knowing any spoilers, how great. Check the reaction out, over here.

After looking at the reactions, one thing is for sure, there’s a huge-huge thing the movie that no one saw coming. And, we can’t wait anymore to check it out by ourselves. What about you?

Jyotsna Amla

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