Short films have grown to become one of the most favoured sources of entertainment for a huge chunk of the audience in the country. While there are various reasons behind the transition, the biggest stand out to be the fact that more and more great stories are made through short movies.

Filmmakers can actually do what they want with their project without worrying about the producer or any other person, something that stands to be a huge problem in Bollywood. Producers in big-budget movies are shy of experimenting and always go for a much-more typecasted idea because that is what brings the cash in.

However, short films are growing more and more popular among the masses, all thanks to the actors they have, stories they tell and different perspective on life they provide.

One of the most popular genres in the short film category has to be women-centric short films (something Bollywood doesn’t like to experiment a lot with). There are so many great women-centered short films, the one that tells the story of Indian women living in the country, that you just won’t be to know why the genre doesn’t work well on the big screen.

We have accumulated 8 of the best short films on the lives of Indian women that every woman living in India must see.

1. The Day After Everyday

Starring the effortless and extremely talented Radhika Apte, The Day After Everyday tells the story of everyday sexism, abuse and harassment women in this country are too well aware of. Directed by Anurag Kashyap, it indeed is a great short.

2. Ek Dopahar

Various movies and television shows have led their audience to believe that two women can never be friends, they’ll eventually fall prey to catfights and never truly support each other. However, Ek Dopahar stands against all of those stereotypes and come as a breath of fresh air.

3. Juice

Juice might be the most recent addition to this list but has one of the most relatable and impactful stories ever. Within 15 minutes, Neeraj Ghaywan was able to show the sexism and patriarchal norms that are prevalent in every household.

4. Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker follows the incredible story of a homemaker who is out to buy a new pressure cooker. There’s just something about this movie that will sweep you right into the story, character’s minds and innocence of it.

5. Khaney Mein Kya Hai

Khaney Mein Kya Hai is one of the most brilliant short films on Indian women ever created. Sex is a taboo and no one really wants to talk about especially, not a mother and daughter. Which is why, watching a pair actually indulge in a conversation about love, sex and orgasms is the most refreshing thing to watch.

6. Going Dutch

Times are changing and so is the need of the people in this society. We no longer want to carry forward the tradition of the past just for the heck of it. We want more and sometimes when we don’t completely get it, we’re ready to go past it. Going Dutch in mere five minutes explains the casual sexism every woman faces on dates. Even when it comes to supposedly progressive and educated men, there is no escaping these comments and thoughts. And we have to change it.

7. Mama’s Boys

Ever thought how the entire life story of Draupadi with five Pandavas would look like in modern times? Then this is the best adaptation or creation of the same idea. You need to watch it now because it’s really really good.

8. Naked

Anything and everything with Kalki Koechlin is bound to be great if said in simple words. She has changed the way Bollywood actresses want to be seen by the men and their audience. Though Naked, both Kalki and the director of the movie take a good look at the sexism in the entertainment and media industry.

With short films like these, actors and directors are doing their best to make voices heard and showcasing something relatable to their audience, something that can hardly be spotted in the mainstream media.

Jyotsna Amla

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