While Bollywood is still has a long way to carve its shape in more meaningful cinema, Indian Short Films industry has transformed into a hair-raising entertainment pit. Our lives have too much of drama that keeps us on our toe and unless we are a die-hard fan of an actor or a director, it’s impossible for us to make time to watch a 3-hour movie. But, we need our dose of entertainment, don’t we?

Earlier there wasn’t a choice, however, the nano storytelling or short films are here to feed our entertainment worm. Some of them are so mind-boggling that you won’t believe that a 10 to 30 minutes story can make you think about it at least a day.

Time is money and these short films are surely a life savior in our running lives. After all, almost all the Indians are movie fanatic and we can’t imagine our lives without them. Indian short films makers have come a long way and cover almost all the aspect of this art. From social issues to human interest, from love to hate, from thriller to action, they have got it all covered.

So if you are a human who needs 48 hours in a day to watch a full movie, spare the excuse as here are 7 brilliant Indian short movies that will let your inner movie buff scream out of thrill.

1. Little Hands

This one will win your heart or even make you a little mushy. The innocence of a kid and his commitment to his friend will strike the right chords of your heart and we bet you will miss your school days.

2. I Love You Too

You thought love is beautiful? Watch this one as it will introduce you to a darker and scarier side of love. The obsession of a guy over his ex, has been elaborated brilliantly.

3. Jai Mata Di

Life is living in the moment and for that, you have to, sometimes, lie for good. A young unmarried couple on a house hunt and a funnier twist. This one will leave you amazed.

4. The Virgins

This one will leave you perplexed about your virginity, sex life and what not. Two people who are getting married and are still have their minds hooked on various social norms. This one rocks!

5. Mamta Tonic

No love is greater than a mother love and the vengeful spree of a mother in this one proves it. A mother who lost her son and is hunting down every suspect. The short film is scary enough to send the chills down your spine.

6. Tubelight Ka Chaand

Who doesn’t want the moon? Every kid dreams of it but this little kid literally falls for it. To pursue his love for the moon, he created one on earth and it’s mesmerizing.

7. Kriti

Oh, God! This one is a must watch. The psychological thriller leaves you stunned as you fail to understand what’s happening. Every character has performed brilliantly.

So you got your quota of the movie for a few days. Now, go on and watch all of them but not in one go as you don’t want to get run out of time.

10 November 2017
Avni S. Singh