10 Movies Based On The LGBTQ Community That Will Show You The Reality

These 10 movies have beautifully shown the LGBTQ lives.

Our society is a very close knitted one, where ideas are passed onto generations like a family heirloom, be it in politics or what is right and wrong. One of the problems in this passing is that no one is talking about the reality with which we are fighting against our own people because we simply don’t understand them or don’t agree with their way of living.

The people that I’m talking about, here, are the ones from the LGBTQ community who have been misunderstood by far too many people for far too many wrong reasons. Now the hate and issues can come from various different sides, however, the thing is that we need to make others believe that no matter if you’re straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian or anything else, you’re a human in the end, and we need to respect that. Everyone has different choices and everyone is made in a different way, and one just can’t expect others to move on a single pathway.

And, one the most influential way to tell a story of a person from an LGBTQ community is through the medium of movies that reach a large part of our country. However, there are some people who don’t even want this to be made.

In spite of that, we have had some really good movies that have explored the LGBTQ community in the most sort after way. They have shown the reality which consists of too much of struggle, a certain amount of happiness and more often than not, rejection.

Here are 10 movies on the LGBTQ community that have explored the reality.

1. Brokeback Mountain

source: The Hollywood Reporter
source: The Hollywood Reporter

Brokeback Mountain was a love story of two men and to say the least, this is one of the most heartbreaking movies of all time. With Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, Brokeback Mountain shows just how difficult things are for the choices that they make.

2. Milk

Source: Associated Press

Milk is based on a true story of a Harvey Milk, a Politician, who was one of the few openly-gay candidates that got elected to a public office (in California). Milk got assassinated because of some political rivalry, however, he got quite famous for his righteousness and because of his various initiatives that he took for gender-parity.

3. Blue Is The Warmest Colour

source: Movieclips Trailers

Blue Is The Warmest Colour is another beautiful story of Adele who is on a journey of her confused sexual identity. This also happens to be the boldest movie in this genre. Blue Is The Warmest Colour will make you think back on how real bisexuality is.

4. Margarita With A Straw

source: Viacom18 Motion Pictures

Margarita With A Straw is a brilliant film that works wonders for all those from the LGBTQ community and for people who are specially abled. Kalki Koechlin plays the role of Laila about whom this movie is and her journey that goes from her boyfriend to her girlfriend and from Delhi to New York.

5. Fire

source: Hamilton-Mehta Poductions

Fire came out at a time when nobody expected the concept to even be real in major parts of our country. Released in 1996, this film received a huge backlash, majorly from the right-wing who accused this film of promoting lesbianism in this country.

6. Aligarh

source: Eros Now

Aligarh came out in 2016 and was also based on a true story about an Aligarh Muslim University’s Language Professor who was suspended because of his homosexual relationship with a rickshaw puller. Within few day the professor was found dead under mysterious circumstances, all of this is the reality for many that were brought to the limelight Manoj Bajpayee who acted in the lead role. Even though there wasn’t a huge box office collection or diverse audience for the film in theatres, it did saw success in terms of being a word-of-mouth movie.

7. The LGBTQAlphabet

source: Equinox

There are various, newly-emerging ideas about gender and sexuality and sexual alignment which might be a facade for many, but they are real and if you want to know about it in depth, then this is the best thing to watch for it. This will make you learn the entire ABCD of various sexual orientations.

8. Sisak

source: Wishberry

“Sisak” is an LGBTQ short movie that has made a lot of noise on the Internet and let’s clarify that it was for all the right things. It is about two men who take the same local train for their workplace and slowly and steadily they start communicating their attraction for each other.

9. Pink Triangle

source: Ryan Jeffrey Davis

Pink Triangle was originally a badge which was used by the Nazis who used to demarcate the prisoners who were convicted of homosexuality and were even sent to concentration camps because of it.

10. The Unsaid

source: Slang

This short film showcased that how a bit different is okay than a lot different and it shows the story of two men who are fighting. The reason behind the fight is that one of them wants to come out to the world as a trans woman.

Every one of these movies has a different and unique story to tell, which somehow is the reality for many. We just hope that you guys go ahead to watch these movies with an open mind which is ready to be challenged and questioned.

26th July 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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