Every year Students across the country aspire to get into the best MBA colleges in India. They count their days and burn their nights studying for admission into one of these colleges. Every Year, the NIRF(National Institutional Ranking Framework), publishes the ranks of MBA institutes based on certain criteria listed below.  Let us help you decide which colleges shall you prioritize and focus upon to get the best job after MBA from top 10 MBA Colleges in India.

The NIRF accesses the colleges on the basis of these criteria.

1. TLR: Teaching, Learning and Resources.

TLR’s calculation is based on Faculty student ratio, Faculty with P.Hd. experience, Library Facilities, Facility for sports and extracurricular activities and Innovative methods of teaching. The overall Ranking weightage is 0.30. This metric judges the institute for the quality of education and facilities provided to students.

2. RPC: Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative Performance

The calculation metrics include Publications, Citations, Collaborative Publications and Executive Education and Professional Practice.  The ranking weightage for RPC is also 0.30. This is the criteria to judge the institute on the research it conducts and publishes.

3. GO: Graduation Outcome

This is the metric, most of us judge the institute upon. This includes Combined Percentage for Placement, Higher Studies and Entrepreneurship and  Mean Salary for Employment. It basically refers to the number of students placed in different industries and the salary packages offered to the students. The Ranking Weightage for the GO metric is 0.15.

4. OI: Outreach and Inclusivity

Outreach and inclusivity refers to the category, gender, regional diversity and Physical and economic condition of the students and the facilities provided to these students. The ranking weightage for OI is also 0.15.

5. PR: Perception

PR accounts for the perception of the academics, institution heads, HR heads of employers, members of funding agencies in Government, Private sector, NGOs about the institute. PR also includes Application to Seat Ratio which directly concludes more the number of  applications, the more popular the institute is.

Each one of these five metrics also carry a 100 marks. These metrics are calculated every year to deduce the top 10 MBA colleges in India. Along with this, let us also share the List of top 10 MBA colleges in India for 2019 as per NIRF.

1. Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore.

IIM, Bangalore

Overall Score  –  81.34

The IIM Bangalore tops the list of top 10 MBA colleges in India based on the all the above metrics. The institute scored

TLR (100)RPC (100)GO (100)OI (100)PERCEPTION (100)

2. Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad

IIM, Ahmedabad

Overall Score  –  80.61

The second on the list is Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and here is its score.

TLR (100)RPC (100)GO (100)OI (100)PERCEPTION (100)

3. Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta

IIM, Calcutta

Overall Score  –  79.05

TLR (100)RPC (100)GO (100)OI (100)PERCEPTION (100)

 4. Indian Institute of Management – Lucknow

IIM, Lucknow

Overall Score  –   67.29

TLR (100)RPC (100)GO (100)OI (100)PERCEPTION (100)

5. Indian Institute of Management – Indore

IIM, Indore

Overall Score  –    67.01

TLR (100)RPC (100)GO (100)OI (100)PERCEPTION (100)

6. Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur

IIM, Kharagpur

Overall Score  –  66.64

TLR (100)RPC (100)GO (100)OI (100)PERCEPTION (100)

7. Xavier Labour Relations Institute – Jamshedpur

Xavier Labour Relations

Overall Score  –  65.33

TLR (100)RPC (100)GO (100)OI (100)PERCEPTION (100)

8. Indian Institute of Management  – Kozhikode

IIM, kozhikode

Overall Score  –  64.82

TLR (100)RPC (100)GO (100)OI (100)PERCEPTION (100)

9. Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi

IIT, Delhi

Overall Score  –  62.89

TLR (100)RPC (100)GO (100)OI (100)PERCEPTION (100)

10. Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay

IIT, Bombay

Overall Score  –  62.74

TLR (100)RPC (100)GO (100)OI (100)PERCEPTION (100)

This list will certainly help aspirants who are looking forward to getting admission into the Top 10 MBA colleges in India. It will help you understand how these institutes are rated in the first place and find out which one is the best for you when you have a choice. Study Harder and Happy MBA.

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