This Video About Failed Education System Will Make You Very Angry

The problems in the education system all around the world are no alien to anyone, we all realise the retention with which the education system has been dragged down from the past 200 years or so. Everything has changed since then, except the way we teach our children. Classrooms still function on the technique of one teacher for 30-60 students, is that correct? Are we doing justice to the child’s mind when we limit their creativity to a certain area?

All these questions along with some strong evidence are given by Prince Ea, an artist and activist, in his video where he has school on trial and questions it about the basis on which it has been operating for such a long time. The way this video has been made is very bold and makes us realise about how we have fallen prey to a timeworn conviction of education. A majority of the bright-minded individuals in the society have expressed their grief on the pattern that we follow for developing the human mind, which the artist has put in forward.

We need to realise the need of the hour and understand that one can never be successful by walking the same path that has ambled by many.

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6 October 2016
Jyotsna Amla

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