The lockdown is also specifically about a period of business inactivity. Ever thought about it in that way? A period where one can’t say ‘for whatever reasons’ but rather for an obvious reason there’s been an absolute shutdown of all kinds of trade and employment activity.

Industries are shut down. There’s no manufacturing and the theory applies to all possible sectors. It’s funny that this sounds like that typical line you are likely to run into in a business journal: an industry-agnostic approach. There’s no trade or exchange between countries. Continents, in full-blown capacity are refraining obviously from entering into any kind of trade activity.

But surely, if you are in the healthcare sector, then things appear different and appear to glow. We saw how various makers or manufacturers of face masks and sanitizers benefitted by the upscale of production. Well, it was needed, after all- wasn’t it? There are certain things that are quite simply dictated by time or as how one might put it- how ‘luck wants to have it!’

But there’s not been anything great where the other sectors or industries are concerned. Stagnation and loss are the two commonly heard phrases at the moment.

You don’t need to know how. It’s just how things are at the moment.

Yet, if you still desired to know how dramatic things are at the moment with the world finding itself standing pretty much on a ‘one-way street’ – all major businesses being suspended indefinitely, the only expression that stands true for various sectors is- loss!

That’s what it is. And when you look at sectors or industries that are otherwise always thriving, you tend to understand the gravity of the situation.

For instance, Uber in India doesn’t seem to have any plans of expansion whatsoever.

In fact, nothing could be further from even imagining that there could be anything thriving and usual about the usually bustling company.

On the contrary, Uber in India has actually announced a sort of plan that may not actually offer anything positive to those who are employed by it at the moment. Wondering what could be worse about the otherwise uninspiring ‘work from home’?

Well, that’s when you get to know that in the imminent future you may not even be doing that. Turns out that Uber in India has decided to cut down as many as 500 jobs. These are active jobs, at the end of the day.

In fact, where Uber in India is concerned, then the actual toll of job losses may even be on the north-side of 500.

Imagine, a situation where one company decides to let go off 500 to 700 employees? That’s something that doesn’t sound alright, right?

“The company is set to lay off up to 700 people in India. The decision has been almost final and likely to be announced when lockdown will get lifted,” said one of the sources requesting anonymity. “With this, Uber would be laying off about 25-30% of its overall workforce in India.”

The press release that detailed more revelations on the development apparently said that. One can only wonder what might happen to those who have to find newfound employment elsewhere? Ultimately, what is to become of them?

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