One of the world’s most respected and widely-popular cybersecurity product offerings, Avast, has recently opened a brand new office. Right in the beating heart of Eastern Europe, Avast’s new office in Romania is arguably one of the biggest pieces of news for the data security and privacy products provider in the recent times.

In a century where data is considered to be the new oil, pardon the cliche for it’s become one (of late), cybersecurity issues continue to be one of the most alarming challenges faced by organizations, regardless of the domain of operation and size.

On that note, Avast, known for cross-platform internet security applications founded back in 1988, is trying to further grow its market presence, already running established operations in Oslo (Norway), Belgrade (Serbia), London (Great Britain), and California’s Redwood city, in the United States.

One of the finest exports of Czech Republic to the world of data security and cybersecurity realm has now opened, with this brand new move, its sixth office, having the headquarters at Prague.

That being said, the other piece of big news pertaining to Avast’s new office at Bucuresti (known as Bucharest) is one key recent appointment. This concerns the appointment of a Chief Privacy Officer, Mr. Shane McNamee. Part of Mr. McNamee’s new role at Avast would be involvement toward overseeing and execution of the firm’s global privacy strategy.

But that being said, there’s more to the key role as well. Mr McNamee- who has seven years of experience in regulatory and digital policy, with a focus on data protection- shall also oversee the company’s privacy-by-design approach.

But Romania forming part of the company’s new direction highlights a critical factor. Wondering what that is?

Along with Bucharest, the other cities (of Romania) such as Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara also happen to be key IT hubs.

Part of the organization’s plans to grow in the land of the famous Carpathian mountains, includes key new management announcements, other than Shane McNamee’s. This pertains to Avast’s new hirings, such as – Alexandru Pichiu, who’s undergone a new role change.

Having served in the capacity of former team leader and software developer previously, Mr. Pichui, shall now function as Country Manager, Romania.

Meanwhile, here’s what a famous European digital news platform had to offer with regards to the current development from Eastern Europe:

The other two managers of Avast Software Romania Iasi are Marshall Philip Antony, the financial director of Avast Software, and Barton Kelby Frederick, general legal advisor at Avast.

Founded in April 1988, Avast has over 435mn international users, 10,000 servers, and more than 1,700 employees. The company claims that it prevents 1.5bn IT attacks every month.

All of that being said, it’s not that Avast is the only recent organization from the space of cybersecurity products has moved to Romania. Massive Global IT firms, such as Amazon, have only recently moved to Lasi, for the organization’s Romanian headquarters.

Famously known as the ‘cultural capital of Romania,’ Lasi happens to be a famous university that lays close to the border of Moldova.

The above told, it suffices to say, another day and another new destination for one of the most growth-centric privacy products and data security mega brand. What do you reckon?

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