Changing jobs and moving to a new place is one of the most exciting and stressful feelings on goes through. Everything is an exciting mystery which promises to be worth your time and more than anything, worth your skills and future career.

Many say that once you start doing what you love, nothing can stop you, however, there is one more thing that is equally important for a successful and peaceful career, and that is, the place where you work. Everyone dreams of joining an exciting workplace which is filled with happening and talented individuals that not only contribute to the organisation in the highest form, but they should also be on the same frequency as them. After all, the workplace is one of the only places where you spend most time of your week, and that too in a long long stretch.

In certain cases, you have a well-framed idea about the place you’re joining, before accepting a new job offer. But, majorly, everything is a mystery that just can’t be decoded, which is why you need to be sure about everything before accepting a new job offer and making a final decision.

We have compiled 7 questions that everyone should always ask before accepting a new job offer. These questions help you in understand the employer’s mind and more than anything what they accept from you, as well as, what they are willing to offer you in return of your services and time to the organisation.

1. How Long Do I Have The Offer For?

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Changing a job is an extremely important and careful task which why no one should take a hasty decision. Think about the company and work that you will be doing there and keep everything aligned with your wants and needs.

Ask the HR Manager if there’s some time that will be allotted to you before taking the decision and then make everything official.

2. Core Working Hours?

Another most important thing that you need to know about the company before accepting a new job offer is how much time would you have to spend over there. Not all jobs work on the 9-5 schedule which is why you need to know about all the possible changes that you could have to go through. Along with that, different companies have different work culture which signifies the amount of time they want you to spend in the office, whereas some are totally fine with you working for them, no matter from where.

3. Are There Any Added Benefit In The Salary Package?

Added Benefit In The Salary Package
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If you are going to accept a new job offer then you should also know about all the added benefits that the company is ready to give you. This includes yearly holidays, paid leaves, insurance and others. These benefits are given to you on top of your salary and usually offers a more beneficial deal to an employee upon joining the company and working for them. Asking for something like this also helps you in identifying what you won’t be able to do in here which further contributes to your final decision.

4. Is The Salary Negotiable?

No matter how good or amazing a company is, in the end, they would always want to be on the receiving end of a new employee deal and this includes the package accounted to the new member. While you don’t want to be hired at a very low salary, you also don’t want to be hired at a very high salary in comparison to the market standard. The latter should be kept in mind because if your employer ever needs to cut costs and determines that your salary is too high, you might lose your job because they know they can find someone who will do it for less. Go through various websites that state average salaries for a position in different companies and evaluate before accepting a new job offer.

5. Are Their Any Growth Opportunities?

growth opportunities

No one wants to stay at the same position throughout their lives, even when they are earning more and more every year. This is why you need to ask the HR Manager if there are any growth opportunities for you within the organisation. After all, no one wants to be stuck in the place or they’ll get bored of their work and work-life much too early.

Always remember to choose a company that has maximum growth opportunities and offers you the best of results for the hard work that you’re putting in.

6. How Will Be My Work Evaluated?

This is one of the most important questions from the above since in the end, it offers you a clearer view of what the company expects from you and how would they judge your work. You not just want the job but want to keep it for a good amount of time and for that you need to be aware of the evaluation process that reviews your work and performance in the organisation.

7. Why Did The Previous Person Leave The Position?

While we’re often asked in an interview about the reason why we want to leave our old job, do remember to ask the same from your employer or HR Manager too. It might sound a bit nosy and cocky but it would also help you in understanding the red flags about the job. HR Managers often say that many interviewees often forget that they are interviewing the employer as much as they are being interviewed and they have the right to know about the company and the position that they are accepting a new job offer for.

These 7 questions help you in understanding what is expected from you as a potential employee of an organisation, along with all that a company is willing to do for you. So, do remember to go through them in your next interview and show the interviewer how serious and confident you’re about the decisions that you take.

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