Tesla’s first showroom in the Czech Republic is creating a buzz and why not!

Not until the near end of the ongoing 2019 had the Czech Republic seen an official Tesla showroom. But if there’s something that is creating the right kind of buzz in arguably one of the most beautiful of all European countries then it is Tesla’s first showroom in the Czech Republic.

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But that said, it’s important to understand how the element of pricing works in this part of Central Europe in the Czech Republic. So here’s what one needs to know.

Apparently, the prices of all the electric vehicles are defined by a unified price list where it comes to the Czech market. But that said, when it came to Tesla, the Czech customers had little choice and had to, therefore, contact a foreign dealership.

This is true even as hundreds around the Czech Republic are proud owners of a Tesla all-electric car.

But what’s making waves in the newspapers and digital media is Tesla’s first showroom in the Czech Republic that has come up in Prague’s Vysocany district. This is the destination where Tesla already happens to operate a service centre.

So as a matter of fact, if there’s any prospect customer, Tesla fan or a fan of all-electric cars then one can try out all the Tesla models- including the renowned Model S and the Model X. Apart from that, one can also check out the widely popular Model 3, which happens to be the most affordable among all of Tesla’s cars, thus far.

In addition to the above, it’s worthwhile to follow what a popular Czech publication had to say on the subject of Tesla’s first showroom in the Czech Republic:

here are several hundred Tesla owners in the Czech Republic. Market experts say the opening of an official Tesla sales point is unlikely to significantly increase their numbers. 

“In a long-term horizon, I don’t expect a rise in the number of Tesla drivers, because the domestic market is too conservative and cautious,” Cyrrus analyst Petr Pelc told the website e15. According to the analyst, the high price of the Tesla cars is the main obstacle. 

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“I can imagine that the new Škoda CitiGO, which was presented at the Frankfurt car show and becomes available next year for roughly half a million crowns, can attract a certain type of customers,” Pelc told e15. 

“Tesla has entered the Czech market with an unnecessary delay. Those who wanted to such a car most likely own it by now. Others will wait for a better price or a wider choice from rival brands,” he added. 

That said, Tesla’s first showroom in the Czech Republic has another interesting facet.

The Czech Republic happens to be the first country in the entirety of the Eastern Bloc to have had a first or a brand new Tesla showroom(including a dealership and authorized service).

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The US carmaker wants to further strengthen its foothold in Eastern Europe, with plans to open stores in Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and other countries in the region. 

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