It’s the world’s most popular and widely respected brand where it comes to the domain of Electric cars. It’s a style statement in itself. It’s been led and driven to great heights by one of the dashing visionaries the world has come to witness in a long time. And soon, it shall begin production (of EVs) in China. It’s none other than Tesla.

Tesla In China

Tesla, both fans and believers in EVs, researchers and market experts ought to note, is going to go full-scale in car production in China.

Where the lastest developments stand in the market, then the Chinese industry ministry has only recently added Tesla to the government’s list of approved automotive manufacturers.

This is no lame designation. It allows Tesla, the famous electric automobile maker to begin the production of electric vehicles (or EVs) in China.

But in lines with the above, it is also worthwhile to note that a Chinese Tech site has not only confirmed the news but also provided a screenshot of MIIT’s approved automakers in the Oriental country.

In addition to the above, it is also important to note that Tesla is, in fact, the very first brand that has been listed on the imminent list, hence, having topped the list!

But that said, just how big is the scale of Tesla’s operations in China?

Apparently, it has been confirmed that Telsa is busy making a $2 billion factory in Shanghai, the principal economic city in all of China. The said factory also happens to be Tesla’s first facility outside of the United States.

TechCrunch also reported the developing story in great detail and happened to share:

Tesla Model 3
EV Database \ Tesla

In July, Tesla wrote in its quarterly earnings letter to shareholders that Model 3 production was on track to begin at its Shanghai factory by the end of the year. Starting production by November would be a critical milestone for the automaker if it hopes to continue to increase sales and avoid the high cost of shipping and tariffs.

The company also said in July that “depending on the timing of the Gigafactory Shanghai ramp, we continue to target production of over 500,000 vehicles globally in the 12-month period ending June 30, 2020.”

Tesla has shared that the production line at the factory in China will have a capacity of 150,000 units annually and will be a simplified, more cost-effective version of the Model 3 line at its Fremont, Calif. factory. Tesla also said this second-generation Model 3 line will be at least 50% cheaper per unit of capacity than its Model 3-related lines in Fremont and at its Gigafactory in Sparks, Nev.

In the recent times, it has been confirmed that among the biggest-selling models from the Tesla stable is the Model 3, while the business has been generally good for Model X as well.

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In fact, the Tesla Model S, it was reported, also emerged as the third-highest-selling car across all of Europe when it comes to the EV stable. Furthermore, the company sold several units of the car, finding tough competition from the likes of Nissan Leaf and BMW.

Furthermore, the Shanghai factory of Tesla that is currently underway, is known as Tesla Gigafactory 3.

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