It takes a lifetime to build something that ‘could’ last. But it takes seconds to while away an opportunity to build that, that can give back to the ecosphere we occupy.

It took Pravaig- the stylish new way in which India’s cities are going to commute- nearly a decade to build itself from nothing.

Now time has come to unleash itself to a world that stands on the edge!

Our cities are congested not just overpopulated, the air stands choked, there’s this toxicity everywhere.

Never before have we been as confronted by the need to change the way we interact about the spaces we occupy than today.

But imagine the stagnation that were to take place if none of us moved differently despite having unprecedented access to ideas and grey cells?

Can Pravaig, that’s hinted at Belligerence in 2021 in what seem interesting plans, be a key answer?

What must be said is that amid this air of chaos, a new force is rising and could well be the way young India moves about.

This, remember, is an India determined to defy archaic ideas, upset the established order; a hotbed of ceaseless energy where we are no longer at crossroads but at a critical juncture of technology and design.

And it is amid this massively interesting phase that Pravaig stands as a maker of green miles, one given the looks of its premium electric sedan Extinction Mk1, seems ready to rise.

Word is out that the Bangalore-based EV carmaker, is Emerging in the next few hours.

That being said, the following is the press note from the part of the Bangalore-based organisation:


A journey 9 years in the making, Pravaig emerges from stealth mode.

Pravaig is a rapidly growing manufacturer of premium long-range electric

The company has its sights trained squarely on shaping cities, ensuring high
resource utilisation, and driving our collective AI-driven future.

Come 4th December, a host of incredible innovations & features that hold the promise to change our relationship with cars forever  will be revealed at a special event.

The CEO will deliver the keynote with explosive details and showcase certain key partnerships.

Streamed globally, live from New Delhi;

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