The famous British automotive marque, MG Motors has been and still continues to be among the finest and most respected car brands in the world. Particularly where it comes to England, then for as long as Morris Garages continues to be in operation, there’ll always be great regard for the Longwall Street in Oxford, in England, the focal point for the enduring story and the place where it all started. A revolution that it was and a revolution that still continues to thrive!

Today, decades after Morris Garages went into production, the popularity of the famous British brand stands unrivaled.

And as seen for the better part of 2019, then a key market for Morris Garages has been India, the bustling heart of the thriving Asian market; a market that continues to pose stiff competition among renowned carmakers and yet promises unanticipated optimism despite times where the concept of car ownership and urban mobility are finding new definitions.

But implicit in 2019 for Morris Garages was its India trajectory. For the first time ever did Morris Garages, an icon next to no other launched a car in the busy and let’s say crowded Indian market. The arrival of MG Hector, it can be said, was an event that was quite like no other with the car experiencing tremendous success, for the lack of a better expression.

For starters, the car was described as the “Internet car” or as some put it fervently with admiration, then the “connected car!” Moreover, the unparalleled success of the car stemmed from cracking numbers that were confirmed inside a month of its price reveal. Here in India from the point of mid-June onwards, in barely a month, the company shared that the MG Hector had been sold out.

Surely, this may have been a bit exasperating for those who were lined up to tackle the rise of MG Hector. And perhaps the massive interest the brand continues to hold in India, for which it is feeling bullish- and rightly so- stems from sheer numbers the Hector received.

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If you evidence something as thrilling as 21,000 bookings since the launch date of the brand, then surely, you are on course to succeed and build something useful that can contribute to a legacy, if it might be said. One reckons the warm reception generated by the Hector has generated unbound enthusiasm for the Morris Garages.

Particularly where it comes to India, it won’t be wrong to state that Morris Garages is anticipating a bustling future. The recent media statements actually quoted the firm, feeling “bullish” about what lies ahead for its India journey, here in the heart of the sub-continent.

Nothing can be more telling about MG Motor’s bullish plans about India other than the enterprising numbers the brand confirmed just recently.

It is expected that an investment worth INR 3,000 crore in the industry is going to come from a brand that only just launched its first-ever electric four-wheeler: the ZS.

And if you thought that is all, then think again.

Hindustan Times elaborated on the key auto-sector development adding, ”

MG Motor India, has already spent ₹2,000 crore in the country and commenced manufacturing operations at its plant at Halol in Gujarat, the official said.

“We are committed to India and have started our journey in July this year. We have a long-term plan for the country and will make a further investment of ₹3,000 crore,” MG Motor India chief commercial officer Gaurav Gupta told PTI.

The carmaker has so far sold nearly 13,000 units of its internet SUV, MG Hector, he said.

Gupta said the company will launch an electric internet sport utility vehicle and will have a total of four models by July 2021, all in the SUV segment.

All of that told, the key to MG Motor’s India plans are the expansion efforts the company wishes to attain come March 2020. It is believed that Morris Garages will expand its India presence through as many as 250 workshops-cum-showrooms.

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