There’s hardly a surprise to note that whenever a big new brand prepares to unleash itself in the Indian automobile market, then there’s a bright wave of anticipation for it. The same could be said about MG Hector, one of Britan’s most trusted automotive brands in its checkered history.

When in June the iconic English carmaker geared itself to arrive in the Indian market, what followed was an enthusiastic wave of reception and rigorous media reporting. This was despite the market being engulfed by an air of slowdown.

For we all know that the current period is a rather testing one for the automobile segment, car sales touching the floor, instead of the roof or ceiling.

Yet, what makes for an interesting bit of story is that of MG Hector’s performance in India in recent times. Now, here’s what’s important to note.

Not long after MG Hector was launched in India did the salubrious car brand prepare to enter the country’s festive season, the biggest by virtue of occurrence of festivals in the year (Dussehra, followed by Diwali, which is in turn, followed by Dhanteras).

Now what’s making news is MG Hector’s performance in India in recent times, October, to put it succinctly.

What’s plays out sensationally into the brand’s favor is its sales report card during the month of October. What indeed is impressive is that the car brand sold as many as 3536 units during October 2019. What was remarkable in this sales performance was that when compared to a rather lackluster September, October ensured that the car bounced back from a short period of relative obscurity.

Now that said, just how did the sales for the SUV stand in the month of September. Truth be told, the famous SUV didn’t register anything too fascinating, selling no more than 2608 units over the 30-day period.

So what contributed to the difference that was noted in October?

It could be said that bolstered by the festive spirits, the period usually attributed to good omen considering new hefty purchases, MG Hector’s performance in India produced a marked improvement.

A famous auto-portal had the following to share:

Commenting on the sales performance, Rakesh Sidana, Director – Sales, MG Motor India, said, “MG Hector continues to further strengthen its position in its segment and win the hearts of our customers. As we gradually ramp up our production, we aim to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction through timely vehicle deliveries.”

The car has already given a tough competition to several similarly priced SUVs in that range, most noticeably the XUV Mahindra 500, with whom an interesting SUV sales tussle is currently underway in the Indian market.

That said, it is worthwhile to note that when the famous car brand arrived in India, during June 2019, it immediately got off to a flier(so to speak) where the bookings were concerned.

Evident of the car receiving a massive reaction from the Indian audience, within a month of arriving in India, the brand had to stop offering bookings owing to overwhelming demand. The immediate demands revealed 28,000 bookings. It was not until September 29 when the car would soon open the bookings for the Hector and by the time it was October 11, the brand would receive a further 8,000 bookings.

Now, if that’s not impressive from the perspective of MG Hector’s performance in India, then one wonders what is?

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