It wasn’t too long ago that Mercedes, among the most prominent automotive names in the global landscape, launched the EQC Electric SUV. In fact, only a few hours ago, the Indian media was abuzz by the arrival of the princely all-electric SUV from the stable of the renowned German carmaker.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC with floor-mounted 80kWH lithium-ion battery comes with an eight-year warranty, one of the biggest pullers toward a brand known for craftiness and unparalleled market standing. Moreover, the latest arrival in the Indian market of a top-end brand can reach up to 100 kmph in just 5.1 seconds is in itself, a factor that could be a driving force for this marvellous Mercedes offering.

While the brand plans to reach no more than six urban centers of India in the present, it is expected that given the way the electric car market is evolving in the country, it will only attract more players by the tick of the clock in the imminent future.

However, that is not the biggest piece of news surrounding Mercedes alone.

Are you aware of Mercedes’ plans for electric cars in India? The general feeling in the automotive landscape in the beating heart of the sub-continent points to an interesting proposition for the buyer. It’s because Mercedes’ plans for electric cars in India may evoke a smile on the face of the keepers of the economy.

What if you were told that central to Mercedes’ plans for electric cars in India was the assembling of the electric vehicles in the country?

You read that right. Electric cars aren’t a ‘fleeting need of the hour,’ rather an idea whose execution rests in the now. And few things could be better than having a top-ranking brand don the hat of a thought-leader of sorts.

For when you work closer toward leading a futuristic concept by example, you blaze a trail for the others to follow!

Sources connected closely to the Stuttgart-based brand suggest that the auto giant plans to reap the advantage of a lower GST rate associated with making cars in India. So what numbers are we talking about here then?

Mercedes EQC | Mercedes' plans for electric cars in India
Image Source: Financial Express

Mercedes want to take the benefits of a lower GST rate of 5% for Green Cars.

Having said that, it’s important to note that the plans for the iconic Deutschland brand are that it wishes to increase its engagement in an area of technology whose time truly has come. As a matter of fact, no other German luxury carmaker- and there are a few already operating in the bustling heart of South Asia, such as Audi and Porsche- have begun assembling electric cars in India.

It was back in February 2020 where Audi confirmed that its E-tron: the first-of-its-kind all-electric SUV shall be launched in the country.

That being said, at least from Audi’s stable, the official word in the media was that the e-Tron would be fully (100 percent) imported, the only concern in front of carmakers being higher import duties that one had to jostle with.

But the general feeling is that in the coming days, India will work even more steadily toward creating a fertile ground for the breeding of what could be sufficiently called a really ‘essential’ commodity on four wheels.

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All of that told, on their part, Mercedes’ CEO and MD, India had the following inputs on the imminent future of the car:

“It makes sense to look at localization. But the EQC can’t be .produced in India at the moment, we need bigger volumes, and we will look at subsequent models, said Mr. Martin Schwenk.”

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