The new Mercedes S-Class of the W 223 series will premiere in September 2020. In the meantime, more details about the much-awaited and totally revamped luxury car are seeping through. Let’s take a look at what the cockpit of the luxury cruiser Mercedes S-Class has to offer.

Despite the new design and a completely new platform, the dimensions of the new Mercedes S-Class will remain largely identical. The volume model with a long wheelbase is still available as well as a version with a normal wheelbase along with an XXL version from Maybach, especially for customers on the European market. 

The short S-Class is not offered in the markets in the USA and Asia because people here travel more consistently and the shorter wheelbase barely matches the status and requirements of a Mercedes S-Class, a 7-series BMW or an Audi A8. To be specific, in America and Asia, Mercedes capitalizes on the belief system, the bigger the better. 

leaked pictures of mercedes S-class 2020
Image Source – Ray Chen/Twitter & liucunyi/Instagram

The space and seating comfort of the S-Class predecessor was already impressive. In the successor model with the internal designation W 223, the Germans have put another class on it. This applies in particular to the rear seats, which were even more comfortable and luxurious than the previous version. With the new S-Class generation, Mercedes is also introducing the second-generation MBUX operating system. This surprises with a comparatively small screen for the instrument cluster behind the wheel.

Oversized head-up display

The information projected onto the panel is the live feed of the road, around ten meters in front of the car, and thus into the driver’s field of vision via a lavishly dimensioned head-up display. Surprisingly, the two head-up displays are only available as special equipment. On the other hand, the powerful upright display between the driver and front passenger, which can be used to control everything in the vehicle, is standard.

For the first time, the MBUX operating system is also available for the occupants in the second row. As with the BMW seven, there is now a central operating display on the center armrest that can also be removed. The most important controls for windows, shading, and seats can also be controlled via switches in the door panels. Two touch displays on the backrest of the front seats are new. This not only allows you to find the music you want, surf the web or watch films but also operate numerous vehicle functions.

Cockpit cleared up

cockpit of S-Class of the W 223 series
Image Source – Ray Chen/Twitter & liucunyi/Instagram

The USP of the new S-class is a particularly deep 3D effect in the display behind one of the two three-spoke steering wheels. Compared to its predecessor, the cockpit has been significantly improved. According to Mercedes, there are 27 button switches and controls less than the predecessor along with a significant expansion of the control functions. Also new is a switch bar under the central touchscreen with direct access to the most important functions such as the driving program, hazard warning lights or cameras. The fingerprint scanner was already available on the penultimate generation of the AudiA8. However, it will not only be used as a final confirmation to open car functions but also for payment functions in the car. In addition to the fingerprint scanner, access to stored customization is also via a small camera in the instrument unit.

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The much-awaited S-class will be up for sale by the end of September for the eager buyers. It might not carry an entirely new look on the outside, according to sources, but Mercedes certainly has overhauled the new S-class on the inside. Although, nothing can be said for sure and you have to wait for the car to be launched but the expectations are high.

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