Whosoever said that anything can happen in “Incredible India” wasn’t joking! This, after all, is the land that- critics who like to down the country would rue- has swiftly risen from being a land of snake-charmers (their definition) to being a doyen of entrepreneurship, one that births IT experts medical practitioners who hold leadership positions in the wider world. Today, one doesn’t have to look beyond dazzling examples of the person responsible for operating the world’s largest hotel chain. The name of Ritesh Agarwal resonates with hundreds and thousands of people in the field of hospitality. There’s Satya Nadela, who’s done the country proud.

But if you do want to explore more about a country that’s commonly restricted to its vast culture and culinary delights and needless to say, its whirlwind festivals, then look no further than entrepreneurship. In the rampantly competitive space of the automobile industry, the country is currently pursuing a hotly contested sphere of electrification of vehicles. These are interesting times to be in India. New names are turning up on the horizon doing their bit to transform the image of a country known for being melting pot of pollution and scant space on the roads (owing to countless cars) toward a progressive EV-driven culture. But that said, of all the things one can imagine straddling alongside on Indian roads, including buses, lorries, numerable scooties, and four-wheelers, not to forget the thing called Jugaad, there’s never been something like a flying car in India- right?

In fact, has anyone to this date wondered about a flying car in India? From where does such a thing even come from? Surely, to our Avengers-loving, Superheroes-consuming psyche the concept of a flying car in India may not read as that big of a surprise.

But then surely that’s the way to go about it seems, where the next dominant wave of urban transportation stands. So, let it be asked, who after all, is working to bring a flying car in India?

Netherlands-based flying carmaker PAL - V

So even before we deep-dive into the practicality of such an idea where many of us may feel that such a thing may not be feasible at all, here’s what’s important to know:

The Netherlands-based flying carmaker, PAL – V, is the firm that’s pulled off this masterstroke. Simply imagine- you are stuck amid a massive traffic jam, wondering about how long might it take you to beat the odds and suddenly much to your surprise you spot a flying car above your heads, towering away with uncontrollable zest and gusto.

Could such a thing have been eve possible to comprehend a few years ago? But then, Dylan the great was the soothsayer of sorts- wasn’t he- when his insightful words in “The Times They Are A-Changing” echoed the course of the changing tides, no?

And here we are. Here is some confirmed news about the forthcoming flying car in India:

As reported by PTI, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the state’s Principal Secretary MK Das and Carlo Maasbommel, Vice President- International Business Development Division, PAL-V. According to the statement made by the company, the government would help the company in getting all the necessary approvals required to set up the plant in Gujarat.

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