There’s never any dearth in interesting events or something simply spectacular in the Nordic part of Europe. Countries that are part of the Scandinavia generally foster a dynamic culture of entrepreneurship and are among the first in the world to adopt to radical new technologies.

So whether its social entrepreneurship, tech and mobility-led developments, the likes of Norway, Sweden, and Finland are always the first to make the news in Europe.

These are countries that are also leading a vibrant sense of change in the adoption of electric vehicles. In fact, of all the countries in the European continent, electric vehicles in Norway has made for a pleasantly successful story.

Electric Cars in Norway

In fact, in the very first quarter of this year, there was a marked improvement in the sales of electric vehicles in Norway. It’s confirmed that as many as 11,518 units of electric vehicles were successfully registered in the famous Nordic nation, the number clearly being twice as that in the previous year.

Serene and picturesque touristic destinations are commonly found serenaded by several Tesla charging stations- a common sight in contemporary Norway!

But that’s said, how’s the EV scene at the moment in Norway?

Where it stands at the moment, then it appears that among the hottest selling electric vehicles in Norway happens to be a leading German carmaker.

It’s fascinating to note that Audi’s fully electric e-tron sport utility vehicle has sort of emerged as a popular feature on Norwegian roads.

electric vehicles in Norway

In that regard, it’s important to understand the data that’s available for the month of October. It is confirmed that the bygone month saw a clear dominance of the famous German carmaker in Norway.

Audi’s fully electric e-tron clearly enjoyed the market-share, dominating the charts with an astounding 8 percent market share.

And that’s not a random or standalone development. The entire summer of 2019 spelt great success for the fate of electric vehicles in Norway. What made international headlines was the simple, uncomplicated piece of development in the country’s bustling automobile scene.

Around 60 per cent of all the cars that were sold in Norway were fully electric-powered. On that count, Forbes went ahead and stated:

It’s the latest record-breaking statistic involving Norway and electric vehicle (EV) records as the Scandinavian nation looks to stop sales of fossil fueled cars by 2025.

Electric car sales grew in Norway

At a time where the world is gradually but steadily migrating toward this dominant change in the way it commutes on a daily basis, this wasn’t anything shy of fascinating!

Now, if that’s not a success story then what is?

A popular European news portal also happened to highlight the current EV revolution in Norway that both the carmakers and the pleasing European country are enjoying.

Audi delivered 873 electric SUVs in October, ahead of Volkswagen Golf in second place with 748 cars, according to the Norwegian Road Federation.

Electric Cars
Yale E360

In total, 35.7% of all cars sold in Norway last month were electric.

Seeking to end the sale of combustion-engine cars by the middle of the next decade, Norway exempts battery-powered vehicles from taxes imposed on petrol and diesel engines.

Tesla’s Model 3 sales fell to a market share of just 1.2% in October, but the car still remains the country’s top-selling car year-to-date.

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