Pollution-pollution everywhere, what is one supposed to do. Pollution-pollution everywhere, what is one going to do?

In an age of where the human lungs are undergoing a toll of the polluted air out there, one may have wondered what could’ve been better other than using an electric mode of transport?

We’ve seen the rise and rise of brands like Tesla. It’s already a gamechanger in the American market. Its cars are already being used for piloting and transporting travelers in Europe. In Europe, it’s already a fast-growing model for taxis.

Moreover, in mobile aspects like electric scooters, one thinks, change is evident. The more our reliance on hydrocarbons such as petrol and diesel-run vehicles, the more our concern for pollution. That’s surely not going to help- is it?

Therefore, for a good half a decade or so now we’ve seen the likes of electric scooters being used for a good measure by commuters in the West. In the United States alone, it’s hard to think of a single state among the 29 there are where someone isn’t using an electric scooter.

It’s the mass medium for urban commuting now. Just imagine then, if that’s the case in the United States of America, what might be the case in European countries like Austria or Germany that already have a significantly high ratio of commuters using electric bikes and cycles whether to travel to work from home or vice-versa?

But, having said that, there’s a catch in the usage and especially the pattern of the electric scooters in the US of A.

Apparently, a body of doctors got together and published a report on the Daily Mail basis their findings regarding the health of those who use the electric scooters in normal day to day life.

And having said that, their findings may not exactly encourage you whilst no one is saying to discontinue using the electric scooters.

The new report as made available by medical experts suggests that the risk of injuries caused by the usage of electric vehicles is, way too high, believe it or not.

This interesting revelation comes at a time where companies like Bird and Lime are offering electric scooters in as many as 100 American cities at present.

Speaking further to audiences via the Daily Mail, the medical experts shared the following:

“Emergency room doctors have reported a sharp increase in the number of injuries from riding electronic scooters, as e-scooter sharing services expand across the country.

As companies such as Bird and Lime have brought dockless rental e-scooters to nearly 100 US cities, a detailed new report from CNet examines the public safety impact of the relatively new service.

Though detailed data on e-scooter injuries and deaths is not yet available, cities, where the services are popular, have seen a boom in ER visits – with one Austin, Texas hospital reporting an average of 10 injured e-scooter riders a day.

The popular services typically cost $1 plus 15 cents for every minute of riding time, and scooters can be found scattered throughout participating cities by using the companies’ apps.”

Having said that, what’s really happened is that there’s been a direct increase in the number of facial injuries and back injuries and other ailments that happen owing to the consistent use of electric scooters. So, let it be asked, does that worry you now?

In fact, in certain cases, there have been some severe traumas that have made the lives of patients- think they were users once- endangered and posed a lot of risk at them? Also, hospitals in Denver in Colorado, and in different places such as San Diego and Washington D.C. have also reported a sharp increase in the number of accidents, with some people even reporting an increase in head injuries.

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