It’s a car brand that basically needs no introduction. Ask any Indian, regardless of age, nature of employment, or his location, and chances are, nine in ten would’ve at some point in time have interacted with the famous Maruti Suzuki brand. Of all things cars, Maruti Suzuki, let’s put it this way, is a totally unmissable feature in the automotive segment. Along with famous brands like Bajaj and Tata, it’s a bit of a legacy. There’s this iconoclast stature associated with the famous Indo-Japanese collaboration which has, thanks to decades of dependable offerings, made itself sacrosanct to the first choice among many car buyers out there.

But where it stands at the moment, then for the times to come, there shall be one big change in the alley of the Kanichi Ayukawa-led brand. It appears that no more are we going to see the diesel variants of Maruti Suzuki cars.

Yes, that’s precisely the breaking news, if one must put it that way, from the ebb of the great dominant car brand today. No more are we going to see several key figures that have insofar, bustled away on our roads, coloring our imagination with great utility and “for-your-money’s-worth” pricing.

So let’s jump directly into the broader picture and fine details about an important and perhaps telling development in the current context. Just why aren’t we going to see the diesel variants of Maruti Suzuki cars up ahead?

For starters, one can say that it’s not hard to understand that it appears the famous carmaker is all set and ready to adapt the new BSVI norms for cars. This, after all, is the new direction that all carmakers are complying with and duly adhering to. So maybe that’s the founding premise for why we aren’t really going to see the diesel variants of Maruti Suzuki cars.

Next up, perhaps what we often undervalue in hindsight is the fact that such an enormous effort goes into research. What we see at the end of the day, is the pristine powerful wagon standing tall on four wheels. But what about the insights that go into bringing the wagon out on roads.

diesel variants of Maruti Suzuki cars
Maruti Suzuki

The market realities, if one might put it that way.

So, it’s believed that in the near future, there isn’t going to be a massive demand for diesel-powered vehicles. Maybe that’s a big explanation as to why we won’t see diesel variants of Maruti Suzuki cars.

So much so that at this point, it’s confirmed that all diesel variants are to be discontinued by the massive carmaker.

A leading auto insight and news platform published a useful article on the dominant theme striking the industry today and had the following to say:

So far, the carmaker has been selling a range of diesel-powered models, with the smallest being the Swift and the largest being the Ciaz and the S-Cross. As you would probably already know, the company even launched a new 1.5-liter diesel engine in the Ciaz last year, which replaced the Fiat-origin VGT-equipped 1.3-liter diesel engine of both Ciaz and Ertiga. Moreover, the engine was also supposed to make it to the S-Cross.

That being said, it is anybody’s guess as to what particular item would the company solely rely on moving forward. Needless to say, it’s the petrol vehicles that shall drive much of the sales and market performance for the decorated carmaker.

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