Much of the world is currently in a state of lockdown. Everybody is wondering about when could we see things moving again? It may not be incorrect to state that everyone’s patience is currently being tested. All are curious to know when might the world get into a state of activity, with all active manufacturing, production, trade, and economic activities having shuddered to an immobile or inactive state.

Citroen india

A change is needed. Isn’t it?

Amid these times, the one thing that one has to consider is that the entirety of the automobile sector has also come to a standstill. Obviously, no showrooms are open and currently, where it stands, there’s just no active purchasing or selling happening.

Such gripping is the state of affairs wherever one casts an eye that even the used car buying and selling has taken a serious blip.

But is that all? What about the times in the future; the days that are yet to come? Can we see a change?

Truth be told, where the foreign carmakers are concerned, then it does appear that a change is on the cards. And some of it can be attributed to the stable of a famous French carmaker.

It’s Citreon that one should be most excited about.

Yes, the very famous car brand that has given the world so many countless products that are as fuel-friendly as they are beautiful in design, is on its way to contributing to the landscape of the auto market in India.

The very place that may be currently lying stagnant but is going to be decorated by a powerful new offering.

News is that the new car launch is going to be that of Citreon’s C5 Aircross.

The brand new car that is expected to roam about the lively, thriving cities of India over the course of the next few months and in fact, it has not even made its presence felt on the European roads as yet.

And frankly speaking, the launch of the Citreon C5 Aircross is precisely the kind of development one would love to know more and learn about in times mired by desperate stagnation.

That being said, the following are the key pointers that underline the exciting new launch:

  • Never before has the famous French brand Citroen stepped afoot in India, and its first-ever car launch is through the exciting mid-size SUV, the C5 Aircross. 
  • Here’s what is confirmed. Given the current circumstances, the C5 Aircross’ launch has been pushed from the period of September 2020 to the first quarter of 2021.
  • This is actually the second car from the iconic French stable.
  • The sales will go on not before 2021.

That being said, here is what a leading online auto portal had to say about the much-anticipated new car release from the house of Citreon:

Citroen plans on exporting this car to other global markets and it becomes clear as to why this model is pretty important for Citroen and Groupe PSA. So it’s a good thing that it is on track to meet its original deadline.

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Apparently, the famous CK Birla group is going to produce the C5 Aircross in India toward the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

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