Electric cars still are, very much, a thing of the future where their mainstream consumption (or usage) from the point of view of everyday affair is concerned. Burgers still are, in a lighter vein of thought, a thing of the present. And very likely, they will continue in the future as well. But guess what, can the two come together to knock up a great surprise. Before you think this to be a mindless random post, then think again!

If you happen to be driving an electric car in Sweden, and it so happens that the car has or is about to run out of charge, then look nowhere else and simply head up to any of the McDonald’s that’s out there. And wait! This isn’t some kind of a joke. McDonald’s in Sweden are now proving consumers with the hitherto unheard (of) provision by way of providing electric chargers to drivers of electric vehicles.

What’s more wonderful in regards to the above news is that now anyone can charge his or her EV at any of the 55 McDonald’s (outfit) in Sweden. And in doing exactly this, the famous fast-food chain happens to have made a record of sorts.

The fact is that McDonald’s have now become the largest restaurant chain in all of Sweden to provide its patrons with the novel concept of charging their EVs whilst the family enjoys tugging into some juicy, succulent burgers.

But that said, the Swedish development beckons a question. Who would have thought of such a wonderful concept where lifestyle and urban transportation meet at an interesting melange of McDonald’s in Sweden?

The above told, leading tech journal CleanTechnica happened to elucidate more details behind the fabulous new development from North Europe. It shared the following:

electric car at any McDonald's at Sweden

The chain decided to add the chargers to its stores after conducting a survey in which 48% of people said finding a place to charge their EVs was difficult. Its goal is to have at least one charger available at every one of its locations in the country. That way, if you are out and about in your electromobile and see the Golden Arches up ahead, you’ll know you will be able to charge up your battery in a warm, clean place while enjoying items from the McDonald’s menu.

The locations with chargers available now have new signs showing the price per minute for charging right up there at the top of the lighted sign that announces the store’s location. It’s even placed higher than the price of a Big Mac, which won’t make the Hamburglar happy but pleases Mayor McCheese. The first signs have been installed by McDonald’s restaurants in Mjölby and Munkedal. The McCharge program was created by Nord DDB.

The above told, if one were to dig up some research and establish some facts, then it may appear that the ravishing new development in Sweden is hardly a surprise. This is down to the fact that for decades now, McDonald’s have had a strong history of being involved in the development of charging infrastructure. Since more and more people are increasingly getting involved in driving electric cars, preferring to play their earnest hand at contributing to making the environment cleaner and healthier (than before), it appears that McDonald’s wanted to be part of this change and play a key hand at enabling change to take centerfold.

So one wonders, if a tiny European nation like Europe can do that, then why can’t mainstream centers that lie at the heart of the electric revolution- such as the United States- be a part of a similar movement. So will we soon see a McDonald’s in the United States enabling passengers to eat a ham-sandwich and charge their Tesla or other wagons? Only the future can reveal that.

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