Ever seen how in the hollywood movies people despise the Manual transmission? They do not even call it Manual transmission, they call it a stick. Well, despising Manual transmission is not all wrong, especially when you have a more comfortable option, Automatic transmission. The Automatic transmission is not an entirely new concept in India but it is picking up pace now. In the next few years, we will see a steep rise in the sales of automatic cars in India specially in metro cities and cities with the high traffic volume.Autoportal

The reason why people want to buy automatic cars instead of the manual transmission is comfort and fuel economy. The best way to put this is, all the driver needs to do is handle the steering and the brakes. The rest of the important stuff like changing gear and pressing the Clutch is taken care of by the car itself. It is a huge comfort if you compare it to long drives on the highway or stressful City drives with tons of traffic. As a buyer, you need to understand the difference between various automatic gearbox technologies and also know which automatic cars in India are available with these gearbox technologies.

We have compiled a list of the best automatic cars in India categorised according to the type of gearbox technologies:

1. Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

The Automated Manual Transmission or AMT is the cheapest technology used in car manufacturing today. The AMT gearbox is very similar to that of manual transmission gearbox except the functions of the clutch and the gear are automated. AMT is a slightly old Technology and there are few downsides to it. At Higher RPM’s, this gearbox usually gets quite jerky but overall it is an extremely affordable Technology and is popular amongst affordable cars.

Cars available in the Indian market using the AMT Technology are listed below (Ex-showroom Price)

1. Maruti Suzuki Alto ₹3.66 – 4.45 lakh
2. Renault Duster ₹11.67 – 12387Lakh
3. Tata Nexon ₹6.58 – 11 lakh
4. Maruti Suzuki Celerio ₹4.92 Lakh
5. Hyundai Santro ₹3.90 – 5.68Lakh
6. Maruti Suzuki Swift ₹6.43Lakh
7. Maruti Swift Dzire ₹5.83 – 9.58Lakh
8. Tata Tiago ₹4.79 Lakh 
9. Renault Kwid – ₹2.76 – 4.75 Lakh
10. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza ₹9.32Lakh

2. Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)

The CVT Technology does not employ any gears but uses a couple of discs to transfer torque so basically it has N number of gears but none whatsoever. The best part about the CVT technology is that it is very smooth and produces low noise ride. There are hardly any jerks when the gearbox changes gears. The CVT technology is available in cars like (Ex-showroom Price)

1. Maruti Baleno ₹7.80 – 8.99Lakh
2. Nissan Micra ₹6.63 Lakh
3. Honda City ₹11.86 – 14.16Lakh
4. Honda Jazz ₹8.65 – 9.28Lakh
5. Hyundai Elite i20 ₹8.22 – 9.12Lakh
6. Honda Amaze ₹7.63 – 9.79Lakh
7. Toyota Yaris ₹9.29 – 14.07 lakh

3. Dual Clutch Transmission DCT

DCT Technology is by far the most advanced technology available in gearboxes today. DCT gearbox is capable of providing extremely quick gear shifts because of the dual clutch system. The dual clutch system is highly responsive system because it uses two different clutches and the second clutch anticipates the gear change and keeps the next gear ready for when you press the accelerator. The DCT technology is used amongst the best automatic cars in India. The only downside to it is the reduced fuel efficiency which is impacted because of highly powerful engine and the gearbox’s tuning to utilize more power.

The cars available in India with DCT Technology gearbox are
(Ex-showroom Price)

1. Polo GT TSI ₹9.60 Lakh
2. Skoda Rapid ₹11.00 – 14.26
3. Ford Figo ₹7.70Lakh
4. Volkswagen Vento ₹11.86 – 14.34

There are a couple of other gearbox Technologies that exist but either they are very old, too expensive or simply not available in India. So if you are willing to buy an automatic gearbox car, this article would certainly help you decide as it lists the best automatic cars in India with pricing. After understanding the type of engines available and comparing it with your requirement, you would be able to make a choice.

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