Over the time we veered away from the materialistic beauty and search for a heart that truly knows to love deeply and unconditionally. However, it’s almost impossible to weigh up if a person has the potential to be the kind of lover we expect. Thanks to the studies of movements of stars that provide us the insights of probable human behavior and patterns, we can actually sort out people who make the best lover.

Every heart knows the language of love but only a few understand it and that’s what makes all the difference. We have compiled a list of such zodiac signs that make the best lover than others. So, if you are looking for a match, then maybe you should choose one of these, who knows, your love story turn may turn out to be a fairytale you always wanted.

1. Aries

source: marieclaire
source: marieclaire

This sign is considered as one of the most loving zodiac signs of all. However, it is really hard to step inside their heart as these people find it difficult to open up their feelings. They have walls you need to break in to have them in your life. Once you win their heart, you will meet one of the most understanding and beautiful beings of all. They fall in love with great passion and make the most of it. If you end up with one of these people consider yourself lucky.

2. Cancer


Don’t be fooled by the large shell they have around them. It’s the nature of the crab. They have witnessed many emotional ups and downs in life, hence they refrain from coming out easily and confessing their feelings. They love unconditionally and their love is intense. They are extremely fun as a partner and they care for their loved ones as a mother care for her children. They know how to care, provide stability and be there for their love. You just need to provide security and these people will love you to moon and back.

3. Taurus

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These people are very strong and reliable. You will be amazed that they can be such great lovers. They will always give so much so that you will never get enough of it. It will be flawless and sharp. The love experience with a Taurus is beyond everything you can ever imagine, it heavenly. They will do anything in the world to keep you happy and you will be showered with sweet surprises every now and them. These people tend to make others feel special and you can expect that special treatment for entire life from a Taurus. With them, love seems like magic.

4. Libra


These people love balance in life perhaps that’s why they make one of the best lovers ever. In a relationship, they always opt to discuss rather than fight. Feelings are important to them and the last thing these people want is to get hurt or to hurt another person. They love with all their heart and make sure to work everything out. It’s a special kind of love. You will always find a Libra going out of his/her way to make his/her loved one happy. These people want to love and let love. It’s practically their mantra for life.

5. Capricorn

image source: mac.h-cdn.co
image source: mac.h-cdn.co

For Capricorns love is as important as oxygen. They love family, traditions, friends, colleagues, music, movies, dancing….basically almost everything. When it comes to heart they take their time because for these people love is sacred. They like to take responsibility and commit till death do them apart. They know the value of love, feelings, and emotions and once they invest in a relationship, they make sure their partner feel the luckiest of all. You will never regret having a Capricorn as your lover.

Although these explanations are purely depicted on the basis of Zodiac signs, they actually make sense. If you are one of these signs you can tell us if your astral stars guided us on a right path and if you are not, you can always look for someone with these Zodiac sign and fall madly in love.

11 December 2017
Avni S. Singh
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