How many heartbreaks have you had that made you realize you are almost caught up in the same situation every time? You keep ending up with the same sort of people with the same sort of relationship and most of all same problems. While every relationship has been with a different partner, it never feels something more or distinctive.

If all these thoughts have already crossed your mind then, you are actually in a worse place. You have a habit of making same mistakes over and over again which keeps messing up your relationship. While you keep wondering what went wrong or probably blaming it all on the other person, it might actually be you.

Don’t get disheartened, here is why you mess up in a relationship according to your zodiac sign and they are also spilling what you should do about it.

1. Aries

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You actually take all decisions by yourself and don’t even think of considering your partner which ultimately makes them feel worthless. You cannot get away after you make someone feel unimportant. So stop taking them for granted and make them realize that they hold an equal right and importance in the relationship.

2. Taurus

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You are rude and judgemental. Well, can you imagine someone treating you the same way? That hateful nature of yours makes them run away from you. Give yourself a break and start respecting your partner. You can point out mistakes without hurting them and for god’s sake, start accepting people for who they are.

3. Gemini

Dear Gemini, you may be an adventurer in life but when it comes to love you just want to stick with the same pattern. Basically, you don’t want your honeymoon phase to fade out ever. That makes you clingy. No one is a god or mastered an art of telepathy, so start expressing yourself because it will save you the trouble of messing up your relationship.

4. Cancer

A stalker would be your perfect match because you want constant attention. So much so that you actually forget to draw the line. You get possessive, obsessive and insecure. Do not do it, you will end up scaring your partner. Some breathing room is always good for a relationship.

5. Leo

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You are the king of demands but when it comes to returning the favor you are least interested. You want attention and want everyone’s world to revolve around you. You also become mean at times and lash out at your partner. No one is going to take your shit. So get over yourself and stop believing that you are some majesty that will be worshipped by everyone. Give others their deserving attention and respect.

6. Virgo

Okay, so you are traditional and old-fashioned, and you want someone who is just like you. Here is the thing Virgo, love doesn’t work that way. When you find a partner who is not like you, you get meaner and angrier and end up saying things that are harsh. You can only lead a relationship when you respect the differences of your other significant. Stop complaining and start embracing.

7. Libra

You can’t lie and get away with it every time. You may have lied because you didn’t want to hurt your partner but a lie is a lie, nothing else and it makes you untrustworthy. You lie about smallest and insignificant things for no reasons, you find it hard to stay committed to people. You are so insecure that you end up suffocating yourself. Work on yourself before you find any flaws in your partner.

8. Scorpio

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Not everything is about you so relax. You have a habit of taking everything to the heart which makes it impossible to loosen up around you. You have major trust issues and no matter how much you try, you always consider your problems above everyone else’s. It makes your partner feel lonely. You are also a person who holds grudge against people so why not follow a let go theory to make it better.

9. Sagittarius

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Appearance matters a lot to you and you are too blunt when you comment about it. It puts a lot of pressure on your partner. You are also a person who would rather walk away then addressing the issue. You may claim to live in now but you are too scared of future about which you overthink a lot. That’s just wrong.

10. Capricorn

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You are a hopeless romantic. You want to please your partner and make him/her happier than ever. After some time you become so scared of losing them that you start to agree with decisions you are not actually happy about or comfortable with. It exhausts you, makes you unhappy and then one day you realize that you can’t cope up. So it’s better to try another approach where you are not the only person who is making effort.

11. Aquarius

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Your freedom can be understood but your constant demand of space actually brings a lot of gap between you two. No one is comfortable about this much. You don’t show emotions, you don’t discuss problems, basically, you avoid expressing anything till the time you don’t collapse. You feel misunderstood. Have you ever thought if you will share a few things with your partner and spend some quality time, it might not make you feel caged but liberating?

12. Pisces

You are so confused between your imaginative and real world that handling a relationship becomes tougher than anything. You keep visiting your past over and over again. You cheat easily if your current relationship is not strong and you intimidate people which makes them fearful of expressing their feelings to you. Try staying honest and loyal, also try making them comfortable.

It’s not easy to find someone who loves you in this century. It has been so materialized that you would be a fool to let it go if you luckily find it. So work on yourself and stop messing up your relationship.

Avni S. Singh

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