Zodiac sign predictions have become a rage these days. For some, they fit so unerring that their faith in the alignment of stars and planets grows sturdy. These predictions aren’t only about a day or life, they also spill the beans about certain aspects of our personality and that makes go people agog.

Our inner self-keeps throwing multidimensional questions t us that are so pitiful that we desist to share them with anyone. That’s when these zodiac sign predictions come handy. Because we can secretly get an answer and don’t have to be embarrassed about it. The most heart-wrenching question that all of us must have asked ourselves at one point or another is ” Why are we alone in life?”. Till you find the perfect partner this question pops up a million times and we never seem to get satisfied with the answers that our brain offers to us.

So we have the answer to your question in the store for you based on your zodiac sign. You may get an idea why you are alone in life.

1. Aries

source: marieclaire
source: marieclaire

You are probably the most active of all the zodiac signs. You are looking for activities even in your dreams. The place or time doesn’t affect that wandering. Love or finding someone is the least of your worries. You simply assume that there is nobody out there who will be able to catch you pace in life and that’s why you are alone. That’s harsh judgment, lose it.

2. Taurus

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Love gives you creeps. You are a strong individual yet love is something that you are scared of the most. You are too afraid to open your heart to anyone. You hate to be vulnerable and never want to get hurt. Get over it, love is better than being alone.

3. Gemini


You are way too ahead of everyone in your head and your expectations of a partner are so damn high that you literally reject most of the people in your mind before you get to know them. You want everything the attractive appearance, high intellect, good money. You evaluate too much, that’s just not right.

4. Cancer


You hate monotony as well as drama. You can be anyone’s ideal partner but you guard your heart like it’s a gate to heaven and the monsters are desperately trying to enter it. When situations get out of your control, you run away from it and that’s what makes you alone in life. Believe in people a little.

5. Leo

image source: mac.h-cdn.co
image source: mac.h-cdn.co

You are the conqueror and you think that you deserve the best of all. You have set your standards so high that you end up despising most of the potential lovers. Have you ever thought that your huge ego is the reason why you are alone in life? Food for thought.

6. Virgo


You are honest and too fair in your life. You are all about balance in life, hence you look for the same. You want honesty and when people fail to keep up with your demands you spare them no mercy and cut them off right away. Ever heard of a second chance?

7. Libra


Your indecisive nature stops you giving away your heart in love. You are confused. You compare every potential partner with your past bad experiences and try to find the negatives instead of positives. Spare yourself and for the love of god stop labeling people wrong, you might get someone who deserves you.

8. Scorpio

image source: mac.h-cdn.co
image source: mac.h-cdn.co

You thirst to show superiority and be the alpha adds more intensity to your character. You are overprotective and over possessive. You are too afraid to let go things out of your hand that you end up losing it all. Have you ever thought of taking a back seat and chill? Try it, after all, that’s why you are alone and it may change it.

9. Sagittarius

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You are interesting, intellectual, funny and independent, however, you make simple things too complicated at times that people to cope up with you. You love your independence more than to have someone by your side. You are the killer of your own happiness. You have the potential of being a perfect partner, you should be out there looking for one.

10. Capricorn


image source: mac.h-cdn.co
image source: mac.h-cdn.co

You love your independence and you love to control situations in your life. Owing to the fact that you control most of the things, it makes you authoritative and a lot of people are not ready to give in to that. However, you will love to find a person who can change your world upside down, so you better start being a less control freak and let others smitten you by their charms.

11. Aquarius

source: marieclaire
source: marieclaire

You think that you don’t need anyone in your life. You have got your own rhythm and you are your sole soulmate. You relish real-life experiences and keep yourself shut to other’s opinion. Don’t worry, with time you will reach a mature level, and you will start to feel the need for the one.

12. Pisces


You always have a foot strangled to your past. You find it hard to let go and that’s torture. You live the bad experiences every day and your dream world overpowers you to stay in there. It’s time you learn to move ahead in life and create a new past. Things will happen as they want, you cannot control it. Let other people come and make your life experience better. This is the only reason why you are alone in life.

Sometimes we know the answer and all we need is to hear it from someone else. Your stars have predicted why you are alone in life and now you can either let it be or change your approach towards life. Don’t make your life hard, it’s meant to be simple.

22 November 2017
Avni S. Singh
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