Relationships are an enigma to one and all. We are about 20 centuries old, yet relationships are like a puzzle that we have failed to solve over and over. We overemphasize our ability to love and be with a partner and as soon as life lands us in a bad break-up, we end up blaming our significant other. Perhaps we forget that there are always two in a relationship.

Rather than holding another person liable for things that went wrong, it’s time we look into our own soul. We need to know what kind of partner we are so that we find a right match for ourselves.

According To Your Zodiac Sign Here Is What Kind Of Partner You Are:

1. AQUARIUS – Independent Soul.

source: marieclaire
source: marieclaire

Irrespective of your caring and loyal nature, you need your space and that’s something you will never compromise with. You are supportive, to the moon and back yet you don’t like a clingy, needy person, who wants to be 24*7 with you. It pisses you off, big time.

Do yourself a favor, do not take a relationship ahead if your partner is making you go crazy, it will always end on a bad note. Part ways before that and live in peace till you find the perfect match.

2. PISCES – Sensitive Soul


You are so compassionate and kind. You have so much love to give that you end up doing it over every time. The worst thing is that you have a knack for jerks as they fall for you every now and then. You are always in love Pisces and you need equal compassion, as soon as you realize that your partner is not appreciating what you are, you love levels drop down.

Please do not fall for everyone who confesses love to you. You will soon lose trust in love. Hold on and wait for it, the one who deserves you will come along.

3. ARIES – Honest Soul.

source: marieclaire
source: marieclaire

You cannot deal with bullshit. You can be bit moody but you are sincere most of the times and on your best behavior. You have a very magnetic personality which attracts a lot of potential people yet you tend to wait for the vibe. You never take these things for granted. You are either in or out completely.

When you are in a relationship, nothing troubles you more than a steamy fight. Try not to be brutally honest. You have to work it out and it cannot be one way.

4. TAURUS – Logical Soul

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Practical is your middle name. You can never run after toxic people or fall for them. You are so practical in your life that you measure every move. Another reason to do so is because you really hate to take risks, even in a relationship. You will rather have a transparent relationship with a little less chemistry, rather than going after a mysterious person.

You list of pro and cons is not necessarily gonna benefit you here. Relationships are beautiful when they are unpredictable in a sincere way.

5. GEMINI – Adventurous Soul


You are charming, easygoing, fun to be with and you are a true adventurer. You are always beaming with ideas. You are up for almost every crazy thing in this world. The best part of dating you is the sweet surprises. You are creative even in your relationships. You are a treat to be with.

You have this massive energy and you may end up annoying the shit out of people. Find a partner who would appreciate your innocently extravagant personality. You will be on the seventh cloud.

6. CANCER – Slaty Soul


Modesty is one thing but you know cancer, you never ever accept that people are just into you. You love to be with people who have a mind just like yours as you shine best with them, however, you often fall into the trap of dating. You can date people and have fun but love, that’s a whole different story in your head. You can only have it in a long run.

The hidden pessimism in people comes out with time. Not everyone has a mind like you, some people are just very good at pretending, be aware.

7. LEO – Over The Top Soul.

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You know that you are a star of your group. You have a magnetic personality and people absolutely love you. The best part is that you know it. However, you don’t like to play games as you have no time for that. You are so busy in building yourself that you don’t have time for extra drama. If anyone wants to date you, they need to come out and announce it. Otherwise, you will never bother to know.

Dear Leo, sometimes just sometimes, it’s wonderful to stop and observe who deserves your attention. Just doing that can do wonders.

8. VIRGO – Best At everything Soul.


You are so sweet that you end up doing all the work in a relationship. You work hard to make it perfect and give your best. You are independent and that gives you a sense of responsibility and maturity. There are times when people assume you as a bore but you are spontaneous in your own shell.

Just one advice, don’t be that person who does all the good things yet end up feeling that you are not enough. Find a partner who makes equal efforts.

9. LIBRA – The Underconfident Soul


Libra you are hot, dynamic and blazing. Stop judging yourself too much. You don’t need to put efforts first or even apologize first. You have got to stand-up for yourself. You are always confused about your actions which put you into confrontational situations.

Please, stop underestimating yourself. This is the only reason that hampers your relationship. You are too judgemental about yourself which reflects on your relationships.

10. SCORPIO – Intense Soul.

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You are mysterious, intense and have an ability to sweep people off their feet. We don’t deny that you are a bit skeptical always about your partner, but that is all because you have major trust issues. When you are in, you are completely in and you make one of the best partners ever.

You are the best, there is no doubt yet you never trust your ability to have someone hooked on your for forever. It’s all in your mind, get over it.

11. SAGITTARIUS – Humorous Soul

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People should call you a firecracker. You are the funniest. You are the party. Your charm never fails to impress anyone and you are always the center of attraction. You tend to see the best in people but often forget that your imagination cannot be real every time. You don’t like to hurt anyone that’s why you drag most of your relationships.

A piece of advice, stop staying friends with your exes. You don’t have to be the goodie-goodie person in everyone’s opinion.

12. CAPRICORN – Grown-Up Soul

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You are the man of your relationship. You just can’t help it as you have always been responsible. You never depend on your partner and let them fly free and high. That’s the best thing they love about you. You make sure that you meet all the needs of your relationship. You don’t like to cage people in a relationship.

Capricorn, freedom comes with responsibility too. People exploit you for being nice and taking care of everything. For once take a back seat.

Now that you know what kind of partner you are, go and figure out what kind of relationship you want. All the best!

14 November 2017
Avni S. Singh