How awful it feels when after investing a lot of time, you find out that you have been feeling penchant for a person who is not even “The One” for you and you cannot shake off the truth that you make the same mistakes over and over. Take a look back and evaluate, most of your exes had many things in common.

You may think it of as a coincidence but the reality is that your stars influence your choices even in terms of guys. It’s not random that you go running after a type. So if you are just exhausted from repeating the process again and again, here your zodiac sign tells what kind of guys you will date. Take a hunch and if it seems toxic, try to stay away or just better your choice.

1. Aries

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You are caring and very charming so it’s obvious that you will always fall for guys who are pretty charming themselves. However, such guys demand more time and energy that you can give. They actually march right into your space. Your relationship will work out only if you tell them to be a little less demanding and defend your space.

2. Taurus

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You really have a thing for men who are deeply passionate and have a strong point. However, you have a problem with sticking to your point no matter what, so you come as an utterly stubborn person. You need to make them understand that you respect their views but it doesn’t hurt to have one of your own. So, tell them to deal with it calmly.

3. Gemini

Adventure is what attracts a soul like you. You love it when life throws adventurous surprises at you and guys who have an ability to do that make you fall head over heels. You crave variety which sometimes makes them insecure. Just try not to move faster than they can process.

4. Cancer

Your emotions run so deeply, although you don’t admit but you always fall for a person who has emotions stability. You need to trust them, you need to feel secure and most of all if a guy can assure that he will always be there, you cannot resist falling for him. You just want a person to be real with you but dear, if you won’t allow anyone to cross your superficial territory, how would they open up?

5. Leo

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You are possibly the strongest sign, so you always fall for men who inspire you, have a high intellect, and also have a creatives side to themselves. There should be uniqueness in these people. Guys who would never judge you for demanding attention. You just need to make sure that in between all that pride and show off, are you making a mistake of falling for a person who is there just to trick you and leave.

6. Virgo

You tend to love too much and you are always in search of men who could do the same. However, this makes you an easy target which is why people just love to take advantage of you. They soak up your love and never provide same in return. Virgo, there is nothing wrong with letting go of a toxic relationship, so do not fall for those candy compliments, just throw these people out.

7. Libra

You really like guys who are brave and have an energetic spirit. It’s a major turn on for you. It’s the confidence and energy that attracts you at the first place. However, you have a habit of messing things up, you demand too much. It’s not necessary to expect all the time. Also, you have a tendency of following more than one partner at a time which actually leads you to a dead end every time. Learn to believe and be loyal.

8. Scorpio

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A nurturing, practical yet patient man is what your heart desires. You want someone to be there, stand by as the rock always. You are very giving so you also demand a lot. You sometimes have mood swings that can make go anyone crazy which usually mess up your scenes. However, a right partner will always understand your erratic moods. So wait for it.

9. Sagittarius

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You always fall for guys who are intelligent and open-minded. You want men who can be ready to go on an adventure with you whenever you ask them to. You need a soul which is fearless and has a lot of thirst for adventure. People usually fail to live up to your expectations. Don’t be disheartened, you will find your match

10. Capricorn

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You are always working yet you have an ocean of love in your heart. You love is sensitive, it’s loyal and everything that loves should be. You always fall for guys who can make you feel nurtured and supported. On one hand, you literally have no time for guys, especially for those who believe in on and off relations. It’s either everything or nothing. Keep playing just like that.

11. Aquarius

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You are artistic, courageous, dreamy and your nature is ever changing. You are basically unpredictable so when you come across a guy who has a strong point of view and is not ready to give it up, it turns you on. You feel excited and secure, however, if it doesn’t last, your attraction wears off. Try to stick to the basics when it comes to love.

12. Pisces

You are dreamy yet men who are consistent, helpful, and knowledgeable make you fall hard. You somehow believe that they will support your dreamy nature as well. When they fail you, it gets messy and disappointing. Seriously stop expecting a book perfect love story and get real.

This is what has been screwing your love life. Make sure you do not make the same mistakes again and fall for the right one.

Avni S. Singh

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