These Are The Most Confident And Insecure Zodiac Signs

People belonging to these zodiac signs are the most confident and the most insecure people.

Zodiac signs can tell a lot about someone, more than the coming future which is usually printed and written weekly, and in some case even daily.

No matter if you believe in the zodiac signs prediction or not, but you have to agree on the fact that people belonging to same zodiac signs usually act in a similar way. Or they even have some kind of similarity which is too real to ignore.

And after a lot of studies, it has been known that there are some of the most confident and insecure zodiac signs, and if you want to that if you belong to either of them, then keep on reading.

We decided to create a list of 3 of the most confident and 3 of the most insecure zodiac signs. Even if you know someone from these zodiac signs, who does not behave in this particular way, then remember that they might not be this in front of you, but in their minds, they are definitely these people.


1. Leo

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Leo is considered to be the most confident zodiac sign out there, and this might be the reason behind them coming off too rude for others. However, at times, this zodiac sign does some stuff, like believing that they can never go wrong with their decision, which makes it harder to even be around them.

2. Scorpio

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Scorpios are another zodiac sign who don’t think about what others think of them and consider themselves the greatest among the pool of people. They know about their good and bad habits and are extremely happy with being who they are.

3. Capricorn

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Now, Capricorn doesn’t think of itself being the greatest among others, it just doesn’t care what others think of it. They know about their talents and intelligence which is why, other’s perception doesn’t matter to them, at all.


1. Virgo

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Virgo thinks about and analyzes every word they utter, as they hate to come off as stupid in front of someone. This is the sole reason as to why Virgos hate public speeches and blind dates. In their minds, they’re always wrong and they come up with this assumption by over thinking about stuff which makes everything with them a deep mess.

2. Aquarius

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Aquarius has a weird kind of obsession with their social media, they have a tendency to post and share everything and anything they are doing. Every candid that they share has been taken after hours of work. They want to show their life as glamorous on social media as possible, which is not that great in reality. Aquarius is never completely happy with what they have and tries to overcompensate it, in this way.

3. Cancer

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Cancerians care too much and too deeply about things which make them weakest in the weirdest moments. It’s not the huge things that get to them, but rather the smallest of things that don’t even really matter to you. This entire equation makes them insecure about themselves and their decisions.

So, is this true in your, or someone you know, case?

16th August 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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