These Are The Makeup Looks According To 12 Zodiac Signs

We have time and again put out posts that have featured women and men with some of the most incredible makeup skills and trust us, we’ve never been disappointed with the results. A large part of this is because of the ever-increasing number of talented makeup artists who are choosing something different and ditching the age of old techniques of makeup.

Many makeup artists no longer show their skills with the way they can do the no-makeup makeup look or with a glam party look, it’s the art of doing something different which has made people go viral. One such artist is Kimberly Money. Money is a 19-year-old LA-based photographer and makeup artist, who has incorporated her makeup, as well as photography skills in presenting something incredible.

Kimberly Money decided to portray 12 horoscope signs through her makeup skills and we don’t know about you, but they’re pretty spot on for us. From Gemini to Pieces, everything looks surreal and incredible, and if zodiac signs actually did have a face with specific makeup on them, then this would be it. As Money said, “I did this project all by myself from makeup to photoshoot. I connected my camera to my iPhone and then shoot it by holding the phone, and in the picture with both of my hands are in the pic, I took it by my toe I hope you will like this series.”

Check out all the signs over here:

1. Aries


2. Taurus

taurus3. Gemini

gemini4. Cancer

cancer5. Leo

Leo6. Virgo

virgo7. Libra

libra8. Scorpio

scorpion9. Sagittarius

sagittarius10. Capricorn

capricorn11. Aquarius

Aquarius12. Pisces


Image Source: BoredPanda

1st June 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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