Tattoos are fascinating, aren’t they? At some point of time, we all desire to get one, however, it doesn’t have to be an impulsive decision. After all, we aren’t living a reel of “The Hangover” where we are on a bachelors trip and would end up getting inked under the influence of alcohol. All of it sounds too good in imagination but in reality, you can actually end up messing it badly.

A tattoo is a scar that will stay on your body for all your life. So when you decide to have one, you should be precise where and what it should be. Now, that’s a bit confusing, isn’t it? How can one possibly decide which part of the body is accurate to get inked? If you are a bit too perplexed to make that decision, let your zodiac sign guide you through it.

Here is the perfect body part you should get a tattoo according to your zodiac sign:

1. Aries

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You are an independent soul who hates restrictions. You are courageous, so your back would be the perfect place to get a tattoo. Let it be your canvas and chose your tattoo wisely.

2. Taurus

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You are way too picky, and stubborn when it comes down to choices. The body part where you should get a tattoo should be wrist so that you can send out the message out loud. The visibility of your tattoo matter a lot to you.

3. Gemini

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You are dynamic, mischievous and a lot of other things. You have many talents on your sleeves. You tend to hide your cards so, a tattoo on your neck would do just fine. Who doesn’t like a peek-a-boo sight?

4. Cancer

architecture-tattoo-ideas-10You are a sensitive soul and you know it. You just stay refrain from arguments and you always remember what has hurt you in the past. You like to keep your emotions hidden which is why you should get a tattoo on your calf. It symbolizes self-love.

5. Leo

image source:tattooideaspictures
image source:tattooideaspictures

You are dominating and you know it. You know that you cannot simply live without popularity. A shoulder tattoo would be perfect as it will symbolize your strength and will absolutely suffice your big ego.

6. Virgo

Source: assets.rbl
Source: assets.rbl

You are a perfectionist. The creative and clever soul of yours always wants to make a mark in the minds of those around you. A finger tattoo will be perfect because it will be an unusual and difficult choice with a lot of details that would speak a lot about your personality.

7. Libra

image source:pinimg
image source:pinimg

The complicated yet adventure life you lead is none short of an amazement most people don’t come across easily. The best body part for you to get a tattoo is your elbow. As complicated as you, it would suit you the best.

8. Scorpio

simple-minimalistic-tattoo-design-wittybutton-55-5911bb7238271__700You love to baffle people with your mysterious nature. You are secretive and very protective of your emotions. You don’t want people to discover anything about you easily, so you should get a tattoo on your ankle. It will be hardly visible and you can show it those who matter a lot.

9. Sagittarius

tattoo girlYou know what you want in life. You are open-minded, you are definitely a person who loves his/her sexuality and someone who loves his/her freedom too much. You should get a tattoo on your thigh, there is no other body part that would suit you better.

10. Capricorn

Game of Thrones tattoos 4Dear, Capricorn, if there is any Zodiac sign which can be a synonym for hard work or loyalty, it would be you only. You are honest and if ever, you decided to get inked, you will do it to make a statement. So go on and get your chest inked, there could be no better body part to get that ink on.

11. Aquarius

travel tattoos 1The true rebellion of all. You just want to play by your own rules, thrashing the norms, setting all new trends so that you can be the free soul that you always dreamed to be. Get a tattoo on your feet, that will be the perfect place for you.

12. Pisces

The most imaginative of all. The resident of a dream world where everything is just as alluring as you are. You are a sensual soul who loves the attention of the world. You need to get a tattoo behind your ear so that you can keep people interested in guessing what it is.

Whether you get a tattoo on a body part according to your zodiac sign or not, just make sure you don’t get something on your body that would not make any sense. Don’t make a fool out of yourself, just make sure you get a good one.

Avni S. Singh

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